lostlantern13's Siege #4 - The Fallen review

I Expected More

Here we are, the "Siege" finale event that's been seven years in the making! You should know the story by now: Norman Osborn, head of H.A.M.M.E.R., is in charge and attacking Asgard based on the manipulation of Loki. The Real Avengers have come to stop him, but true evil has shown its face in the form of The Void.

- I've said it three times already, but it bears repeating that Olivier Coipel's pencils look fantastic. He was the perfect choice as artist for this book. What a great job on the entire series.
- The Loki scenes were really well-done. There's a bit of depth to his parts that I appreciated. On the re-read, it was clear that he was the star and I was hoping he'd be the focus of "Fallen."
- The set-up for "The Heroic Age" was what I thought it'd be which is a good thing. It was the logical route to take.

- It was billed as a double issue. Oops.
- The dude who controls molecules at will was far too easily beaten. Norn Stone lightning didn't faze him, but non-Norn Stone lightning did him in? The battle really came off as a dud which is a shame since that's what this issue's angle was.
- Norman Osborn? That guy they invested so much time and effort into? Yeah, he's still cast aside. I just feel like that year-long "Dark Reign" was really much ado about nothing. We never even got a meaning for H.A.M.M.E.R.
- Yes, we all know The Void had to be put down, but that scene with Reynolds asking to be killed just didn't register on the sympathy meter. I had no sympathy for Reynolds which made it a missed opportunity.

I don't have much to say here. I just felt very...underwhelmed. I really wanted to like "Siege" - both issue four and the series as a whole. The book looked great, but the story was too simple to be the culmination of "seven years of stories."

Some cool "rah-rah!" moments aside (often punctuated by the ever-awesome Coipel), the issue just never hit that next level. The battle against the Void felt like it was done too quickly. This was delayed and billed as a double issue, so I was just expecting more instead of this. In the end, it just felt like way to end "Dark Reign" which is a bit sad to see two great ideas not fulfill their massive potential.

Given all the hype and everything invested into this series, I expected more. I can't honestly say this was satisfying nor would I recommend anyone rush out to pick this up. Was it entertaining? Yeah, but it was simply solid/passable and not the special epic saga it should've been.    


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