grim's Siege #2 - [untitled] review

Fail-ish Fight... EPIC SOUND BUBBLES!!

   Siege continues to bring the sweet in a very unpredictable way in issue 2. 
 there are allot of small, annoying things in this issue. for starters, it seemed like the war was being waged by foot soldiers on both sides, while all the actual big names just kinda stood around and watched the big brawl between Sentry and Ares. It also seemed like Osborn's suit is a piece of crap, as he got hit with simple projectiles twice in the issue with little to no warning. Comon man! if your radar can sense a superhero flying at high velocity from miles away, but cant sense a bazooka shot from the back of a pickup truck until a millisecond before your getting hit by it, you've got some tweeking to do...
   There was alot of epic though. The counter-strike team brought together by Steve Rogers looked like the kind of team thrown together in a "Avengers: Unconventional" thread, and that aint a bad thing. I'm very excited to see how they stack up against the Initiative, and who (coughcoughPATRIOTcoughcough...) might die in the fray. I'm also massively giddy with anticipation  to see Nick Fury back in some serious action. next issue? fingers are indeed crossed. 
  Basically what your looking at in this issue is a death, a massive display of power, and some interesting set up that should guarantee that issues 3 & 4 will be completely epic.
  oh, and lets not forget those EPIC sound bubbles. someone really enjoyed making those.
 4and a half stars. Idk why, but this issue was really good for me.


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    And once again I have to buy other issues of other series to see what's what. I don't blame Bendis, it's clear that Marvel should somehow warm up interest and earn money, but it's starting cross the line. Think for yourself - after reading Siege #2 it stayed only the murder scene in my head, which was pretty unnecessary. Brian wants to emulate Loeb's Ultimatum, in other words, just killing characters  for killing characters. I mean, is this sufficient for 3.99? Like the first issue - absolutely ...

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