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As a young girl, Shy Stevens ran away from home along with her friend Lisa. Having misfortune on the tough Chicago streets, the two girls met the business man Jeno Jacobs who took them in. The girls were introduced to a drastic lifestyle change of parties, alcohol, and drugs that sucked Lisa in and soon killed her, but Shy avoided those. Her only mistake was falling in love with Jeno himself. That relationship ended after shy discovered a large secret concerning Jeno's criminal activities and threatened to take the information to the authorities. This ended with Jeno raping and beating her and finally leaving her for dead.

She was found and brought to a hospital, and discovered she was pregnant shortly after. She stayed off the grid for two years. It was also during this time she befriended Julie Chen and Richard Andrews. During these two years, Julie arranged for Shy to begin martial arts training with the woman only known as Trainer.

Shy started attacking Jeno's operations two years after her "death" and for a year he though the vigilante that gave him problems was a male, the possibility of Shy still being alive never crossing his mind. The final confrontation between Shy and Jeno resolved with them nearly killing each other, which was Shy's goal, but the love of her Richard and Hope gave her the strength to fight her near fatal wounds.

After getting her revenge, Shy was contacted by Trainer through two young female assassins. With the death of Jeno, Shy expected to put the past 5 years behind her, but Trainer was there to collect on their agreement: The training and the uniform in exchange for service to Trainer's organization.

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