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Shuna in the brothel

Shuna Sassi is the descendant of Sekhmet. At the end of World War II, Shuna was working in Rutt's bordello in Boston, Massachusetts. She served only the bravest of clientele, for Shuna's dance of death came in the form of hundreds of poisonous quills protruding from her body. One day, she accepted bids from a gangster named Carlo and a senator called Jonathan. Although Carlo bid more, she took Jonathan to spite Carlo. Angered, Carlo asked Rutt how he could hurt Shuna. Afraid for her life, Rutt confessed that Shuna had a baby daughter named Rhiannon living down the street. Carlo had the baby killed. Realizing she didn't fit in with the humans, Shuna killed the senator to have his spirit with her for always while she fled to Midian. Shuna found real love in the form of Peloquin, but he fears her quills, but returns her affections from a distance. Many of the Breed are entertained by the flirtatious and affectionate dance they perform with one another.

Shuna's daughter Rhiannon

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