Bleach Fans, what do you think of him?

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He easily has one of the coolest character designs, but he was finally just now shown with his fighting ability, unlike the rest of the characters though, he didnt explain how his Bankai or Shikai worked or anything at all, he owned the guy so fast he didnt even bother. I like him a lot, and hope we get to see a lot more from him, he's one of the more interesting characters that Kubo places in these positions, just to have a small fight, he certainly did an awesome job on his

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Go Shuuhei!

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Oh, we'll be seeing more of him... 

Impending Kickassery

And he's actually going to have to try with Allon, unlike that pathetic crab guy.  After all, Allon is the one who did this to Matsumoto: 

Jesus Clam-Baking Christ!

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Gah, seems he didnt get to do so much with that fight after all. Dammit D:<

Im curious as to what his bankai is...maybe it makes you afraid of him

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Lol, nice. You think that as one of the highest ranking members I dont know about that site? This was here before that :)

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