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Included her into the New 52 yet? (And for that matter, have any of the Legion members appeared in the New 52?)

Obviously, I haven't been reading much of the New 52...With the exception of a few of the recent Batman issues.

Just wondering. Thanks in advance. ;)

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Yes, Shrinking Violet is in the new Legion of Super-Heroes title after the New 52 reboot. She is in a relationship with Lightning Lass, like they were at the end of original Legion continuity.  
Most of the familiar Legion characters are back on the current team. The exception is the characters in the Legion Lost series, since they are are trapped in the 20th century. Those characters are: Timber Wolf, Wildfire, Dawnstar, Tellus, Tyroc, Gates, and Chameleon Girl.  
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@Jetshade: I see!

Thank you very much for replying.

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@ChaosAgent: No problem! :) I love the Legion and try to stay up-to-date with them.  
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@Jetshade: Haha, same here. I'll definitely have to keep the new series in mind next time I visit my local comic shop.

Who's your favorite member, by the way? I've always loved Saturn Girl, myself.

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@ChaosAgent: Love Saturn Girl as well and she was my favorite member up until recently. Now Phantom Girl is my favorite. 
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@Jetshade: Ah, Phantom Girl. Another one of my personal favorites.

Is there anything between her and Ultra Boy in the new series?

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@ChaosAgent: Yes, Tinya and Ultra Boy are a couple again. The current Legion has restored most of the characters to how they were in original continuity (before the Five Year Gap when everything started getting screwed up). This is actually thanks to the Legion of Three Worlds story arc and not the New 52. The New 52 has just continued this continuity. 

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