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The Shrike turned up at the local meta/hero/villain pub, claiming to be a villain. (Or at least, he had joined an internet villain forum, so that settled it, right?). The Knight and Squire, seeing that he was not a true villain, showed him around the pub. When a fight broke out, Shrike helped care for the wounded. This helped him decide that he wanted to be a hero.

Shrike helped quell the riots after Richard III's return.

He is dating Squire, though he has trouble controlling his temper and emotions around her.

He had begun to go out on patrol being a "proper superhero", when Jarvis Poker was diagnosed as terminal. In attempt to fix his image and make himself less of the butt of a joke, Jarvis starts a crime stree. To help his "friend", Knight suggest he is atempting the crime of the century. After one of his atempts is foiled by Knight and Squire, Jarvis goes to another bridge, planing to turn the water pink. It just so happen that Shrike finds him and, although the superheros of britian had an agreement, tries to aprehend him.

However, everything goes horribly wrong when the Joker (the American one) steps into the mix. without a second's thought, he shoots Shrike and the hero falls into the Thames. Shrike is dead.


Shrike has energy-based powers. He seems to be able to change the wavelength.

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