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The House of Mystery #174 - 194


The Wondrous Witch's Cauldron

The Man Who Hated Good Luck

Museum of Worthless Inventions

The Court of Creatures

The Gift of Doom

All Alone

The House of Gargoyles

The House of No Return

The Roots of Evil

The Son of the Montross Monster

Last Meal

The Curse of the Cat

The Game

The Man Who Haunted a Ghost

What's the Youth?

Ghostly Miners

Sour Note

The Man Who Murdered Himself

The Widow's Walk

The Dead Tell Tales

Comes A Warrior

His Name is...Kane

Oscar Horns In

Scared to Life

Sir Greeley's Revenge

The Siren of Satan

The Devil's Doorway

Grave Results

The Hound of Night

The Haunting

The Dead Can Kill

Secret of the Whale's Vengeance

Turner's Treasure

The Eye of the Basilisk


Voice From the Dead

The Beautiful Beast

The Secret of the Egyptian Cat


Mask of the Red Fox

Appointment Beyond the Grave

An Aura of Death

Dark City of Doom

House of Madness


Eyes of the Cat

The Deadly Game of G-H-O-S-T

The Thing in the Chair


Cain's Gargoyles

A Witch Must die

No Strings Attached

The Hanging Tree

Night Prowler

The Gardener of Eden

Image of Darkness

Nobody Love A Lizard

Voodoo Vengeance

Dark Night, Dark Dreams

The Hero

Born Loser

The Human Wave

The Negative Man

The King is Dead

with reappearing features such as;

Welcome to the House of Mystery

Cain's Game Room

Room 13

Page 13

Odds and Ends From Cain's Cellar

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