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Showcase '95 was part of the  DC Comics relaunch of the old Showcase series. Under this new format, each issue would contain three separate stories, with each issue starring someone from the Superman Family. This new version of Showcase also featured a lot of up-and-coming new writers and artists who would go on to create other series. This Showcase reincarnation started with Showcase '93 and would continue on to Showcase '96.
Showcase '95 crossed-over with the DC-wide Underworld Unleashed story arc with issue 12, though it is not labeled as such on the cover. Stars of this run include Agent Liberty, Argus, Arion, the inmates from Arkham Asylum, Arsenal, Bibbo Bibbowski, Catwoman, Claw, the Darkstars, Eradicator, Firehawk, Gangbuster, Green Arrow, Hi-Tech, Jimmy Olsen, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Lobo, Lois Lane, Maitresse, Martian Manhunter, the Metal Men, Mongul, the New Gods, Question, Rose and the Thorn, the Science Police, Sentinel, Shade, Spectre, Spoiler, and Supergirl

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