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Cover pencils by Phil Gosier, inks by Chip Wallace. The Flock starring Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, script by Cindy Goff, pencils by Sal Velluto, inks by Dick Giordano; Lois and Jimmy investigate the disappearance of several Metropolitans. Four Funerals and a Wedding (or May the Best Man Win!) starring Lobo, script by Alan Grant, pencils by Walter McDaniel, inks by Rob Leigh; Lobo acts as best man at his friend's wedding, but things go crazy when he discovers the bride-to-be is head of the O'Knuckles gang. Deep Down starring Martian Manhunter, script by Peter Tomasi, art by Eduardo Barreto; Martian Manhunter grants a survivor of the Titanic his dying put his remains with his wife's remains at the bottom of the ocean.

Lois Lane & Jimmy Olsen – The Flock

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen investigate the disappearance of heiress Mary Dotseth. She is just one of many recent disappearances. Lane ties the disappearances to EternaLife: “Mother Grace’s EternaLife Ministries.” She and Olsen investigate, and the two are taken hostage when Mother Grace realize they are reporters. As they try to rescue the other captives, a flood destroys their basement operation. Lane and Olsen free the others from Mother Grace and her con artists.

Lobo – Four Funerals and a Wedding or May the Best Man Win!

An alien wedding is held up when best man Lobo is late with the groom. He eventually arrives through the wall with the groom, dragging him to the altar when he shows cold feet. Of course, the bride turns out to be Maggie O’Knuckles, a noted black widow. A fight erupts at the reception, and Lobo kills Maggie and the O’Knuckles gang before leaving.

Martian Manhunter – Deep Down

The Martian Manhunter saves a manned exploratory diving ship that was investigating the Titanic. He investigates the owner of the operation, a man named Harold Jean Thomas. Thomas’ wife died on the Titanic, while he escaped, and he wants to see her last resting place. Manhunter establishes a telepathic connection with Thomas, and relives the event. Moved, Manhunter attaches a camera to his body and goes down through the Titanic. While Manhunter is below, Thomas dies finally at peace. Manhunter brings his dead body down into the Titanic to rest with his love.

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