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Mongul – Exit to Eden, Part 2

Continued from last issue. Mongul has been saved by the doctors on Debstam IV, and repays them by killing their planetary council and taking over. Mongul begins his conquer of the planet, having them build statues in his honor. Resistance is felt, but Mongul destroys the resistance quite easily. Mongul reveals that he wished to transform Debstam IV into the new Warworld. As Mongul begins construction on Warworld, his new science council tells him of a virus that is rampaging the population. Mongul cares not, and sets up arena where the Debstamians are forced to fight each other to the death wearing the garbs of heroes of Earth. Scientists discover that the virus comes from Mongul, but the remaining scientists destroy the antidote and let the people die free. Soon Mongul is almost the only thing left living: the exceptions are a son and a daughter left to him by his concubines.

Arsenal – Lian’s Present

Arsenal is sent by Checkmate to the country of Balkhashstan to rescue a nuclear inspector that was taken captive. The nuclear inspector is a friend of Arsenal and Lian: an Australian named Luke Chaumont. Arsenal escapes with Luke in tow, and the two sneak back through the sewers to freedom. Once free, Arsenal reveals that Luke Chaumont is the brother to Jade Chaumont, aka the Cheshire, and is Lian’s uncle. Arsenal asks Luke to attend Lian’s birthday.

The Spectre – Sunken Beauty

When a vampire named Genevieve Dumond kills a man named Bill Cannel, the Spectre arrives for vengeance. The Spectre chases Dumond hen she flees, and absorbs her evil. The Spectre enters her mind, but finds her more powerful in her mind. The vampire that created her, Cruz, lays in wait in her mindscape, and attacks Spectre. The Spectre is transformed into a vampire in the mindscape, but frees himself of the influence. He obliterates Dumond, and goes hunting for Cruz. Continues in Spectre #34.

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