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Cover art by Jackson Guice. Living on the Edge starring Thorn, script by Roger Stern, pencils by Howard Simpson, inks by Mark Stegbauer; The Thorn breaks into police headquarters to see if she can learn more information about The 100. Power Lunch starring Green Arrow, script by Chuck Dixon, pencils by Chris Renaud, inks by Ray McCarthy; Connor and Eddie continue the hunt for Oliver Queen. Fear No Man starring Catwoman, script by Deborah Pomerantz, pencils by Jim Balent, inks by Terry Austin; Catwoman steals a valuable microfilm.

Rose & the Thorn – Living on the Edge

Continued from Adventures of Superman #521. Thorn suspects that the 100 is reforming in Metropolis. She breaks into the Metropolis police headquarters to research her lead on Vincent Dennis Adams. Adams had seduced Rose, who worked as Adams’ secretary when Adams worked for the 100. After the 100 caused their father’s death, though, Thorn was after revenge. Thorn is discovered in the HQ by the police, who mistakenly believe her to be Poison Ivy. The police chase Thorn away, and she tracks down Adams’ supplier, Mr. Orchid. She returns home to become Rose Forrest. Meanwhile, Inspectors Turpin and Sawyer investigate Thorn’s break-in, and it leads them to Rose Forrest’s work.

Green Arrow – Power Lunch

Green Arrow Connor Hawke and Eddie Fyers are tracking rumors about Oliver Queen showing up alive. Their hunt brings them to Ginny’s Diner, where thugs attack Connor claiming that he as “Green Arrow” had been here before and beaten them. Connor and Eddie take care of the thugs. They find out from the waitress that a green-clad bowman was here before, and was talking to some guy in a leather jacket named “Hal.” Realizing that Hal Jordan, aka Parallax was involved, the two step up their pace on the hunt for Oliver Queen.

Catwoman – Fear No Man

Hatchet and Cyrus, two freelance terrorists, are hiding out in Gotham City zoo, using the animals to ferry their goods. Catwoman tracks down some microfilm in the gut of a lion that she plans to dell to the highest bidder. Hatchet’s men gut the jump on Catwoman, but she turns the tide. Two days later, she drops in on Hatcher’s base, with an offer to sell the microfilm back to him. In the end, she gives it back to him freely, but not before revealing that she sold copies of the film to six other gangsters.

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