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It seems like Supergirl's work in the city of Charlotte is never done in "Rust Never Sleeps." Script by Charles Moore, art by Phil Jimenez & Howard Shum. Plus: The Shade in "Incident in an Old Haunt." Script by James Robinson, art by Wade Von Grawbadger; Maitresse in "Dream a Little Dream." Script by Chris Claremont, art by Alan Davis & Mark Farmer. Cover by Tom Grummett.

Supergirl – Rust Never Sleeps

After her defeat of Lord Dichon in issue #2, Supergirl has become the sweetheart of Charlotte, North Carolina. One of the Bonedigger Labs crew, Hitch, reports to Supergirl that some creature has grown over Lord Dichon’s starship’s crash site. The amorphous creature keeps growing, even when Supergirl destroys a piece of it. Supergirl rounds up all the pieces of the creature, and realizes that the creature is made up of rust. Supergirl telekinetically sandblasts the creature, destroying it. Charlotte gives Supergirl a signal device, so that she can know when Charlotte faces problem after her return to Metropolis.

The Shade – Incident In An Old Haunt

The Shade is busy killing a demon summoner and his goons in Central City when he is approached by Neron. Neron offers the Shade more power, as he has other villains during Underworld Unleashed. The Shade refuses, saying that he has all that he needs. Neron is enraged, and promises that the Shade that one day he will face his worst nightmare. Shade is not worried, because he had already faced his worst nightmare when he was turned into the Shade.

Maitresse – Dream a Little Dream

Maitresse is in a desert, where she is attacked by a creature. She cannot summon her armor, and she cannot fly anymore. When she discovers the Psychon Wave Amplifier, she realizes she has been summoned. She uses the Psychon Wave Amplifier to recharge her powers. She goes to the Source Wall and frees Darkseid, repaying a favor she has owed him.

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