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Cover pencils by Dan Jurgens, inks by Mike Sellers. The End starring Agent Liberty, script by Dan Jurgens, pencils by Joe St. Pierre (layouts) and Rod Ramos (finishes), inks by Rod Ramos; After finding out that the Sons of Liberty are acting as terrorists because they admire him, Agent Liberty decides to hang up his costume. Escape featuring Batman and Arkham Asylum, script by Archie Goodwin, art by Gene Ha; Psychiatrist Wyndham Vane goes crazy while working at Arkham Asylum. The Price featuring Hi-Tech, script by Barry Kitson, pencils by Lee Sullivan, inks by Ray McCarthy; Killgrave gives Hi-Tech a new body, a body which he can control.

Agent Liberty – The End

Agent Liberty patrols Washington D.C. looking for an outlaw group known as the Sons of Liberty when he sees a car bomb near the Washington Monument. The car contains a sign saying there to “consider this an appetizer.” Knowing it to be a Sons of Liberty calling card, Agent Liberty thinks back to the Sons’ origin. The leader of the Sons of Liberty, Devlin, was an old army buddy of the Agent thought dead. The Agent also averts a suicide plane from crashing into the White House. Interrogating the pilot, he locates the Sons’ base. Devlin tries to kill the Agent, but the entire base goes up. The Agent, disgusted by his friend, abandons the Agent Liberty guise.

Arkham Asylum – Escape

Jeremiah Arkham walks a dream world of his inmates. He walks through Killer Croc’s dream, where Batman strangles him for hunting birds. He walks through Poison Ivy’s dream, where an ivy-wrapped Batman becomes her lover. He walks though the Joker’s dream, where an armored Batman melts away the Batman’s armored suit and crushes him to a pulp with a hammer. The dreams turn, though when Batman becomes Jeremiah Arkham in each of these dreams. Meanwhile, the attendees take away a comatose Arkham from his office.

Hi-Tech – The Price

Continued from last issue. Hi-Tech’s organic body has been returned to her by her old partner Killgrave. Killgrave wishes her to rejoin him on his crusade against Superman. She refuses, and Superman comes crashing in to try to take both of them in. After defending herself, Hi-Tech realizes that the Superman trying to apprehend her is a robot created by Killgrave. She also notices that her organic form is also a lie perpetrated by Killgrave to trick her into rejoining him. Killgrave flees, and Hi-Tech swears to hunt him down and break him.

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