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Gangbuster – Rock Bottom

After the pressure from the Metropolis and Brick City police departments gets too much, Gangbuster leaves for Fawcett City. He tries to get a job by the docks, and runs into some of the same criminals he left behind in Metropolis. He breaks up a bareknucked fistfight, but one of the guys who runs it, Herman the Vermin, goes into his suitcase and finds out he’s Gangbuster. He gets blackmailed into joining the fighting ring, which causes the Fawcett police to come after him. Gangbuster and the police break up the ring, but a policeman lets Gangbuster go after Gangbuster saves his daughter.

Darkstar – Benefactors

Ferrin Colos goes to the planet Clanadrern where the population is enslaved by an alien race called the Anzadorl. While his commander Prigatz orders him to stand down, since the Clanadrern invited the Anzadorl, Colos decided to free the Clanadrern people. Colos brings his fight to the Anzadorl. Colos destroys one of the Anzadorl’s sacrifice vats, which inspires some of the Clanadrern to form a resistance.

Hi-Tech – Be Careful What You Wish For

Superman villain Hi-Tech falls asleep by a giant tree, where she dreams of a peaceful world. In this world, she is the fantasy princess, who is given a wand with the ability to magically create anything she wants. Of course, after a while a handsome prince, resembling Superman, appears to sweep her off her feet. The princess and her prince are attacked by the troll-king, and the troll-king turns her prince against her. The princess tries to use her wand, but the troll-king wants her soul in trade for her prince’s life. She agrees, and Hi-Tech is ripped out of her dream by Dr. Killgrave.

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