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Supergirl – Perfect Form

Earthquakes rock Charlotte, North Carolina, and Supergirl investigates the cause. Evidently, a group of diggers named Bonedigger Labs discovered a cave with unusual crystals. Supergirl, pinned by the crystals, realizes that they are similar to her own protomatter. The scientists become curious on Supergirl’s nature, but before she can properly avoid the question, an alien starship lands above the dig site. A robotic creature uses the ship’s scanners to analyze Supergirl, and finds her pattern matches the crystals. He sends robots after Supergirl, and uses them to distract Supergirl while he captures her with a tractor beam. Supergirl reverts to her protomatter state in from of the Bonedigger Labs crew, confirming their suspicions. Supergirl is take aboard the starship, where she is to become the new shell for Lord Dichon.

Argus – Do The Clothes Make The Man?

All the clothes start melting off the models at a Central City fashion show, and Argus investigates. Argus discovers the cause is a young man in an airsuit with a gas gun. The boy is the son of Lee Anne Mosher, former model and current eco-activist. The Moshers brought troops, Argus is forced to flee, but not before his costume dissolves as well, in front of reporter Linda Park and a camera crew. Argus is now forced to reach out to his contacts to get a new outfit.

Alan Scott – Ghosts

Alan Scott and his wife Molly stay late after the funerals of Atom, Hourman, and Dr. Mid-Nite. After Molly leaves, their ghosts raise and attack Scott. Powerless due to the events of Zero Hour, Scott is on the ropes until he channels an emerald blast. Scott uses the energy to push the ghosts pack into the ground. Feeling that the powers are magical in origin, Scott names himself Sentinel, and commits to a re-launched career. Unknown to Scott, the ghosts were created by the mysterious Torquemada.

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