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The issue opens with the last day of the original Doom Patrol. The Chief, Elasti-Girl, Robotman, and Negative Man give their lives to save the inhabitants of a small New England town. Trapped on an island by Captain Zahl and Madame Rouge, the island explodes, killing the Doom Patrol. That is, all but one: the shell of Robotman survives, drifting in the sea until it is recovered by Dr. Will Magnus.

A redesigned Robotman

Cut to the present, where a redesigned Robotman returns to the Doom Patrol base in Midway City. However, he soon discovers he is not alone. Investigating the base, he finds it is now the home of three super-powered beings. Thinking them invaders, Robotman attacks the trio. The three fight back, but make sure to try to calm Robotman down. When they do, they reveal themselves to be the new Doom Patrol: Joshua Clay, aka Tempest, who can emit powerful energy blasts; Valentina Vostok, aka Negative Woman, who has evidently inherited the Negative Man’s energy being; and Arani, aka Celsius, who has the power to control temperature.

Celsius is the leader of this group, and knows the old Doom Patrol’s entire background. However, she refuses to reveal to Robotman how she came to that knowledge. She had thought all the Doom Patrol dead, and had dedicated to take up the mantle against the Doom Patrol’s enemies. However, now knowing that Robotman is alive, she invites him to join them against the return of General Immortus.

While Robotman is making up his mind, the roof of the Doom Patrol’s base explodes, allowing General Immortus’ flying troops. Led by the general himself, the troops attack the Doom Patrol. The heroes fight off the general’s forces, however Negative Woman is captured. At first, the General offers her life in trade for Celsius, but once he realizes that Robotman is still alive, the general floods the entire room in gas. The Doom Patrol cannot fight against the gas, and fall unconscious.

Note: The previous issue having been published seven years earlier, DC relaunched Showcase with this issue, as part of the DC Explosion. It would only last another year.

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