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In the astounding conclusion of "The Secret Origin of Scarface," a bizarre prison breakout links the Ventriloquist and Scarface in what becomes a defining relationship for both of them, in a tale written by Alan Grant and John Wagner, with art by Teddy Kristiansen. In Part 2 of a special ZERO HOUR prelude, Waverider and Monarch battle across the timestream as Monarch tries to adjust it to his own nefarious ends. Shocking secrets about Monarch are revealed and he emerges more powerful than ever, with a new costume, in a story written by Dan Jurgens and pencilled by Frank Fosco. New Blood Pax has to face a spaceship full of parasites, written by Terrance Griep and pencilled by Kyle Hotz. Cover by Shawn McManus.

Scarface – The Secret Origin of Scarface, Part 2: Call Me Scarface

Continuing from last issue, the Scarface dummy tells Wekser that Donnegan had created a tunnel, but was afraid to use it. Wesker dons the dummy, as Donnegan wakes. Donnegan, jealous, attacks Wesker with a corkscrew, but it hits the dummy instead, causing a scar. Wesker uses a brick and knocks out Donnegan, then makes it look like a suicide. They escape the Blackgate Island, where they become the Ventriloquist and Scarface.

Pax – A Story

The New Blood character Pax tells a story in an alien bar. He tells the onlookers about his history with the Bloodlines parasites. His barmates reveal themselves as parasites, and attack him. He slaughters them, then destroys the entire space station. He moves onto the next space station, and the cycle continues…

Countdown to Zero Hour – Sum: Zero, Part 2

Continuing from last issue, Rip Hunter and Waverider are captured in a status bubble by Monarch. Monarch brings them into the timestream, and Rip Hunter realizes that while Monarch can travel through time, he can’t navigate it. Monarch leaves an opening, and tricks Waverider into tackling him. Monarch uses his armor to absorb Waverider’s powers, and transform himself into a new identity: Extant. He steals Waverider’s Linear Man timeband, and flees.

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