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When Batman apprehends mobster Tommy Fortune, the Huntress finds herself mired in a mob war in "Benedictions Part 1: My Midnight Confession." Robin appears on final page of story. Part 1 of 3, continued in Robin (1993) #6. Script by Chuck Dixon, art by Phil Jimenez & Bruce Patterson. Plus: Loose Cannon's first solo adventure "On the Other Hand..." by Jeph Loeb, Steve Skroce & Romeo Tanghal; Bloodwynd in "Hero of Choice" by Ruben Diaz & Max Douglas. Cover by Walt Simonson.

Huntress – Benedictions, Part 1: My Midnight Confession

With the death of mafioso “Tiny Knuckles” Inamorato, the mafia is up for grabs. Batman Jean-Paul Valley is after Tommy Fortune, but the Huntress knows how the mafia works. She realizes the true threat to take over the Gotham City mafia: Mandy DePaolo. Huntress takes on DePaolo’s goons, but is almost brought down. Luckily, Robin showed up just in time.

This story continues in Robin #6 before completing next issue.

Loose Cannon – On the Other Hand...

Handicapped cop Eddie Walker goes on his errand to the bank, but is interrupted when the super-villain Firepower robs the bank. Walker is thrown into the safe, and waits until the sun comes down, when he transforms into Loose Cannon. Cannon tracks down Firepower and beats him down, and as Walker teaches a little kid a lesson.

Bloodwynd – Hero of Choice

When a poet is down on his luck, he tries to rob a woman’s purse. Bloodwynd comes on the scene, but instead of going after the robber, he goes after the real evil: drug lord Negron. When Negron takes the robber hostage, Bloodwynd forces him to experience the deaths he has caused.

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