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The tension between the displaced Arkham Asylum inmates and the convicts of Blackgate Prison reaches the boiling point, so Two-Face, the Scarecrow, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy and the others seize the opportunity to get the upper a softball game? "Madmen Across the Water" is written by Alan Grant, with art by Tim Sale and Jimmy Palmiotti. "Banzai, Good Buddy!" concludes the 2-part adventure of New Blood hero Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats, as Razorsharp's powers take a new and horrifying turn. Written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Howard Porter and Mark Stegbauer. In the conclusion of "Caged City," Blue Beetle must survive a deadly dogfight with airships developed from his own technology. Written by Brian Augustyn, with art by Patrick Rolo and Dick Giordano. Cover by Kyle Baker.

Arkham – Madmen across the Water

Continuing from last issue, the Arkham Asylum inmates are practicing their softball. Jeremiah Arkham has a wager with the warden of Blackgate on the winning team, so he pushes the inmates. Where the inmates lack in skill, they make up for in ingenuity. During the last at-bat, Amygdala is taunted and goes wild. This sparks a riot, which distracts the guards. Arkham inmate Doc Faustus tries to use this to escape, and died in a helicopter crash. Jeremiah loses the wager, and is entombed in Blackgate.

Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats – Banzai, Good Buddy!

Continuing from last issue. Breaking into the Texas compound of T. Clyde Pontefract, the Psyba-Rats encounter a group of armed guards. Razorsharp and Hackrat narrowly escape, and are loose in the compound. They eventually make their way to the center of the compound, but are captured by Pontefract. Pontefract reveals that it was he that hired them, in order to test security. The Rats leave with the million they earned.

Blue Beetle – Caged City, Chapter 3: Bug War

Continuing form last issue, Blue Beetle in his Bug is fleeing from Freemont city’s fleet of Bugs. Beetle’s Bug is brought down with an anti-aircraft missile, and Beetle commandeers one of Freemont’s Bugs mid-air. He uses his commandeered Bug to destroy all Freemont’s other bugs, then returns to confront Kurtz, the head of Freemont’s police force.

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