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With Arkham Asylum being rebuilt after its destruction during 'Knightfall,' the only place to keep Batman's enemies is Blackgate Prison. Now Two-Face, the Scarecrow, the Riddler, Mad Hatter and Poison Ivy are among the newcomers to enter Blackgate...and the prison's permanent residents aren't happy to have visitors! "Madmen Across the Water" is written by Alan Grant, with art by Tim Sale and Jimmy Palmiotti. New Blood hero Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats from Robin (1993-2009) Annual #2 star in "What's Your Twenty?," a 2-part adventure in which the hackers break into a deadly high-security skyscraper. Written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Howard Porter and Mark Stegbauer. In Part 2 of the 3-part "Caged City," a framed Blue Beetle must make a seemingly impossible escape from a fortress prison, while the corrupt police of Freemont use technology stolen from Beetle himself. Written by Brian Augustyn, with art by Patrick Rolo and Dick Giordano. Cover by Mike Mignola.

Arkham – Madmen across the Water

With Bane having destroyed Arkham Asylum, Jeremiah Arkham is forced to migrate all the prisoners to Blackgate Prison. There’s instant friction between the Blackgate prisoners and the Arkham inmates, which culminates in the suicide of Arkham inmate Jim Paul Sarter. Sarter’s death sparks a riot, and Jeremiah proposes a game of softball to calm tensions.

Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats – What’s Your Twenty?

The Psyba-Rats ( Razorsharp, Hackrat, and Channelman) get a job to break into the Texas compound of billionaire T. Clyde Pontefract. Channelman’s signal is detected and trips an alarm. As Razorsharp and Hackrat break into the complex, they find a contingent of guards waiting for them.

Blue Beetle – Caged City, Chapter 2: A Bug in the System

Blue Beetle has been captured by Kurtz, the chief of police of Freemont. Beetle realizes that Kurtz is power-hungry and crazy, and decides to escape. He works his way through the Freemont complex, and finds his Bug. As the Bug flies off, Kurtz fires an anti-aircraft missile at it.

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