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In the conclusion of a 2-part voyage through the Joker's insanity, the Clown Prince of Crime must somehow kill bizarre, distorted visions of Batman and himself for his own survival. Written by James Robinson, with art by Christian Alamy and Rudy Nebres. New Blood hero Gunfire's 2-part adventure concludes when Dominion breaks into his experimental weapons vault - with explosive results. This story, a prelude to the Gunfire ongoing series, is written by Len Wein, with art by Thomas Tenney and Wade Von Grawbadger. Blue Beetle begins a 3-part adventure in what may be the safest town in the country...provided you play by the local rules. Written by Brian Augustyn, with art by Patrick Rolo and Dick Giordano. Cover by Kevin O'Neill.

The Showcase

This book has three stories. A Joker, Gunfire and Blue Beetle story. The Joker Story and Gunfire end here as part of a two part story. The Blue Beetle story on the other hand starts here.

King Joker

This story is a dream sequence of the Joker that ends with him waking up and being tied to a bet by his own men. The whole story is an inside of the mind of Joker story. It is a story of how he sees himself and Batman

State of Siege (Part Two)

This story is the resolution of an attack at Van Horn Industries. The Oblivion Front has attacked with the intention of stealing state of the art weapons. It is up to Gunfire to stop them.

Caged City (Chapter One: Bug Out)

Blue Beetle has a patent stolen from K.O.R.D. Incorporated and it is up to him to find out who has done such a thing. As Beetle get to the source of the problem he finds that a form of marshal law is very active in the city and when you are taken in by the police you don't come back. Beetle finds out that his patent being stolen is worse than he thought and he gets cornered by the police he is trying to stop. Fade to black....cliff hanger.

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Finally A Good Story, No Joke. 0

This Showcase book has three stories.  They deal with the Joker, Gunfire and Blue Beetle.  The first two are the second and final parts to their stories and the Blue Beetle story starts here and has a nice cliff hanger.  The stories got better as they went.  The Joker story was terrible and I am a Joker fan.  The story had the Joker get out of a sticky situation in a campy way.  The dream sequence is good if you like 1980's hair band album art.  It just had no suspense or real story.  It was bas...

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