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The Huntress begins a 2-part solo adventure as Helena tries to stop a crazed father from killing his son in a story written by Doug Moench, with art by Bill Willingham and Terry Austin. In Part 4 of "The Kobra Kronicles," mayhem erupts at a Prague trade show as Deathstroke and Peacemaker are joined by Katana as they follow Kobra's deadly schemes, written by Mike Baron, with art by Cary Nord and Jose Marzan, Jr. Then, the Shining Knight faces a brutal hood and the community he's been terrorizing in an urban disaster zone, written by James Robinson, with art by Mike Mayhew and Armando Gil. Cover by Howard Chaykin.

The Huntress - Survival

By night, the Huntress fights crime, but by day Helena Bertinelli is a schoolteacher. When one of her students shows a bruise on his face, the Huntress investigates. The child’s father has come back to visit. The Huntress tracks down the father, and finds out that he is part of a militant “survivalist camp.” The father is purchasing high-caliber weapons, and turns on the seller when the deal finishes. Huntress gets the drop on the father, but the father escapes. The father returns home, and beats his son to death before leaving for good.

The Kobra Kronicles, Part 4: Get Back in Line

Peacemaker, Deathstroke, and Deadshot arrive at the Electronics Trade Fair in Prague, hoping to uncover Kobra’s undercover operations. Peacemaker and Deathstroke are spotted, and Kobra attacks. Kobra faces an unexpected wrinkle when Katana also shows up to also interfere. While Deathstroke, Peacemaker, and Katana fight Kobra’s men, Deadshot slips by and shoots Kobra. Kobra, however, is wearing bulletproof armor, and Deadshot is captured.

Shining Knight

The Shining Knight travels to Trenton to stop Mason Boone, Trenton’s criminal boss. When Shining Knight defeats Boone, the people cheer on to kill him. The Knight explains the meaning of a true hero before flying away.

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