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Knightfall Part 13. In a tale taking place 3 weeks before his back is broken, Batman's on Two-Face's trail in "Double Cross." Script by Doug Moench, art & colors by Klaus Janson. Robin appearance. Plus: Deathstroke the Terminator and Peacemaker in "The Kobra Kronicles Part 2: Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues." Script by Mike Baron, art by Gary Barker & Jose Marzan, Jr.; Jade and Obsidian in "Image is Everything." Script by Michael J. Martinek, art by Andrew Kudelka & Kevin Nowlan. Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Two-Face – Double Cross

A Knightfall crossover. As Robin and Alfred hold vigil over Bruce Wayne’s broken body, Robin recounts a story of three weeks earlier, where he felt just as helpless. Two-Face returns to Gotham, and takes over “Legs” Lyman’s gang. Batman investigates, but asks Robin to stay out of this case. With soldiers, he sets a trap for Batman. By tricking Batman to take a specific bridge across the river, Two-Face detonates an explosion, forcing the Batmobile into the river.

The Kobra Kronicles, Part 2: Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues

Peacemaker and Deathstroke are fighting off Kobra troops from last issue. They make their escape, and get separated. Peacemaker finds two children while fighting off a Kobra trooper mutated into a snake creature. Deathstroke arrives in the nick of time, and the kill the mutated Kobra trooper. On his body, they find a lead for an electronics fair in the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, Kobra hires Deadshot to kill Peacemaker and Deathstroke.

Jade and Obsidian – Image is Everything

Jade was hired to use her power and act in a commercial for a perfume, and Jade invites Obsidian to watch the results. When leaving, Jade, Obsidian, and the film crew are trapped in a never-ending world of Escher-like proportions. The creator of this trap is named Mister McEscher, a film creator jealous of Jade. Jade and Obsidian defeat McEscher, but the commercial crew offer him a tryout for a soda commercial.

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