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In Part 3 of the 4-part Catwoman solo story, Selina Kyle has her hands full with Gotham's newest crime czar, machine gun-toting hoods, crooked cops and a mob of vigilante Gothamites, when who should appear but...Robin! Written by Doug Moench, with art by Ed Hannigan and Fred Fredericks. Then, in Part 3 of Blue Devil's 6-part adventure, he teams with the Justice League to fight the Ironmongers. Written by Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn, with art by Pete Moriarty and Dan Davis. Flash stars in "Delay of Game," as Wally West enters an environment where everyone has been slowed to immobility, in a story written by Michael J. Martineck, with art by Travis Charest and Dan Davis. Cover by Brian Bolland.

Catwoman – Sorrow Street, Part III

Catwoman evades the attempt on her life by Bracuda’s men. Catwoman takes the fight to Bracuda, invading his home with the intent to loot it dry. Some of Bracuda’s men interfere, but she makes short work of them. She approaches her contact in the Gotham City police to give him information on Bracuda, but it ends up being an ambush for Catwoman. Robin steps in to save Catwoman, and finds out the cps are on Bracuda’s payroll. Meanwhile, Bracuda kills the men that allowed Catwoman to steal from him, and the citizens of the Brideshead Section decide to take the neighborhood back from Bracuda’s men.

Blue Devil – Blood and Iron

Continued from last issue. The Blue Devil appears in the New York embassy of the Justice League, with a bunch of Maldorians immediately after him. The Justice League scramble, and begin defending their headquarters from the Maldorian assault. Blue Devil, and his newly-inherited friend Morty, flee from the assault, much to the anger of Blue Beetle. Beetle leaves in pursuit, while Blue Devil and Morty try to escape from the armored Maldorian named Blacksmyth. Blacksmyth succeeds in capturing Blue Devil.

Flash – Delay of Game

The Flash is called by the Central City police when whole blocks of the city are frozen in time. The stasis effect does not affect the Flash, and he investigates. He finds an alien trooper looking behind the right ears of all the frozen people. The Flash tries to communicate, but the stasis effect prevents sound from traveling. The Flash tries to forcibly stop him, but the alien is unfazed. When the alien approaches a woman, she moves and pulls a laser weapon in him. Flash intercepts her, and takes her down. The alien ends the status effect and tells Flash that his job was to hunt this other alien down. The alien leaves with his captive.

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