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In Part 2 of a 4-part Catwoman story, "Sorrow Street," written by Doug Moench, with art by Ed Hannigan and Fred Fredericks, the mystery deepens as Selina Kyle begins to discover the scope of Bracuda's covert activities. Blue Devil is featured in Part 2 of a 6-part adventure written by Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn, with art by Pete Moriarty and Dan Davis. Trapped on the planet Maldor, pursued by robots, aliens and the deadly Ironmonger, Blue Devil wonders if there's an easier way to earn a living. And in the Cyborg story, Vic Stone finally has his mind back, written by Len Wein, pencilled by Phil Jimenez and inked by Al Vey and John Statema. Cover by Kevin Maguire and Terry Austin.

Catwoman – Sorrow Street, Part Two: Window Chopping

From last issue, Arizona is recuperating while Catwoman continues her investigation. As she interrogates various people in Gotham, she draws attention from Robin. Both Robin and Catwoman uncover the same name: Ramon Bracuda. While Catwoman follows some of Bracuda’s men via car chase, one of them pops up from the trunk with a machine gun and opens fire.

Blue Devil – See Maldor and Die! or Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Blue Devil

Blue Devil has been captured by the Maldorians, and try to dissect him. Blue Devil manages to trigger the remote control on his rocket-powered trident and uses it to escape. As Blue Devil tries to figure out a way back to Earth, the Maldorians continue to send robots after him. Morty, once an agent of the Maldorians who has now sided with the Devil, rigs a teleporter to bring them back to Earth. They activate it, and find themselves in the Justice League’s base with Guy Gardner aiming his ring at him.

Cyborg – A Mind is a Terrible Thing…! Part Two

Continuing from last issue, Red Star is elated to see Cyborg back to normal. Cyborg, however, is frustrated that his cybernetic body is much worse than his original one. Red Star and new arrival Dr. Sarah Charles try to console him, when an alert issues throughout the cabin. Due to Red Star and Dr. Charles’ unauthorized access, a destruct mechanism has been activated. Cyborg’s defenses also get activated and he inadvertently attacks Red Star and Dr. Charles. Cyborg manages to deactivate all the defenses, but at the cost of his own mind. Cyborg returns to his catatonic state.

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