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Nightwing and Robin take on Bracuda and Chulo in "Partners." Script by Doug Moench, art by Bob McLeod. Plus: Green Lantern in "The Color of Courage." Script by Brian Augustyn, pencils by J.H. Williams III, inks & colors by George Freeman; The Creeper in "A Cold Night in Hell." Plot & breakdowns by Keith Giffen, dialog by Alan Grant, art & colors by Ted McKeever. Cover by Alan Davis & Mark Farmer.

Robin and Nightwing – Partners

After the explosion last issue, Gotham City police show up to harass Robin and Nightwing. This does not slow the heroes down, however, and they continue their pursuit of Big Chulo and Ramon Bracuda via a tracking signal they planted. Both the heroes and G.C.P.D. close in on Chulo and Bracuda, as the criminals burn their evidence. Chulo and Bracuda kidnap the cops on their trail, intent on burning them to death in an old warehouse. Robin and Nightwing bust in, save the cops, and bring down Chulo and Bracuda. The two heroes realize what good partners they make.

Green Lantern – The Color of Courage

Rookie Green lantern Lan Dibbux calls upon Hal Jordan’s help. A yellow uninhabited warship is orbiting the planet Fae’en, intent on destruction. The Green Lanterns warn the inhabitants, but the people of Fae’en seem unconcerned, because their protector “Green Lantern” will help them. The Lanterns are confused, because Lan Dibbux is the G.L. assigned to this sector. Soon enough, when the warship attacks, an elderly humanoid calling himself Green Lantern arrives, powered with energy gauntlets and a jet pack. As the three fight the warship, the old man Kristogar Velo proves himself worthy of the name Green Lantern, and Lan Dibbux steps up from his rookie jitters to also be a hero. We find out that Velo was an old friend of Abin Sur, and was sent here to be a champion. The Lanterns leave, happy to have Velo continue to guard Fae’en.

The Creeper – A Cold Night in Hell

On Christmas Eve, the Creeper finds himself on the snow-filled streets of Boston calling a phone sex line and talking to “Paula Passion.” Bored on the streets, the Creeper goes to a local bar to entertain the patrons with his karaoke. When a news anchor reports of a hostage situation, a man David Kang holding his wife and daughter at gunpoint, the Creeper springs into action. The Creeper gets the drop on King, tackling him to the ground. Creeper’s morality won’t let him kill King, but it won’t stop him from making King into a shooting target for the police snipers outside. The snipers kill King, allowing Creeper to return to the bar and his karaoke.

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