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In this issue: Catwoman, Blue Devil, Cyborg. Catwoman's blamed for the theft of Trigote's 'Three Triangles' painting, even though it was already gone when she came to the museum to steal it in "Sorrow Street Chapter One." Script by Doug Moench, art by Ed Hannigan. Plus: Blue Devil in "Speak of the Devil" by Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin, Pete Moriarty & Dan Davis; Cyborg in "A Mind is a Terrible Thing...!" by Len Wein, Phil Jimenez & Al Vey. Front & back covers by Arthur Adams & Terry Austin.

Catwoman – Sorrow Street, Chapter One

Catwoman is hired to sneak into the Gotham Museum of Art and steal Trigote’s famous painting “Three Triangles.” However, someone has beater her to it. Cops on the scene blame her, though. In trying to track down the real culprit, she finds out that a new player has been running the other bad influences out of the Brideshead Section of Gotham: Catwoman’s neighborhood. Meanwhile, after one of Catwoman’s cats die, her roommate Arizona investigates the Brideshead Animal Clinic, and comes back beaten to a pulp.

Blue Devil – Speak of the Devil

On a movie set, the Blue Devil is wrestling with a prop missile gone haywire. Strangeness magnet Blue Devil deals with the missile, and a falling minaret, but neither significantly delay the filming of “Desert Swarm.” Blue Devil goes to the trailer of Morty, the special effects assistant on set, only to find everything in the trailer floating in the air. Using his enhanced eyesight, Blue Devil detects an energy effect, and everything floating in the room attacks him. The Devil is grabbed by a robot that comes out of the energy effect, and brought into the effect, which is a teleporter to the planet Maldor.

Cyborg – A Mind is a Terrible Thing…!

At S.T.A.R. Labs Manhattan, Dr. Sarah Charles and Red Star are working to restore Cyborg’s consciousness. As the doctors work, Cyborg activates, but does not show any intelligence, nor does he respond to verbal commands. Red Star recognizes that Cyborg’s combat mode has been activated, and he takes Red Star down. Cyborg flees, heading to the Catskills of upstate New York. He enters a building in the woods once belonging to his father, Silas Stone. He enters the building, and a hidden elevator takes him to a secret sub-basement. An emergency protocol reactivates his memories, just as Red Star catches up with him.

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