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On his way back to his satellite home above Jupiter, Starker (aka Manhunter 2070) and his lady friends spot a wanted poster featuring Starker from the local criminal guild. When one of the ladies asks Starker why he hates criminals as much as he does, Starker tells them of his origin.

The death of Starker's father

17 years ago, a young boy named Starker worked with his dad as a Didanium miner. However, space pirated jumped his father’s claim, killing his father in cold blood. The pirates kidnapped young Starker, having him serve as a cabin boy on the pirates’ space ship. Starker was full of hate and grief, but could do nothing.

Over the years, Starker was beaten by the pirates, both physically and mentally. However, as he watched the pirates destroy ships and kill innocents, his hatred grew. In secret, Starker watched the pirates, learning how to fight and how to use their equipment. Years later, when the current chef of the pirate ship attacked 18-year-old Starker, he got to put his learning to use. Starker beat the chef, and took over his position. The pirates cheered, allowing Starker to keep the position.

With more freedom on the ship, Starker knew it was time to make his move. He disabled all the lifeboats on the ship, and commandeered a pirate’s weapons. He then went through the ship, hunting down only those pirates that killed his father. One by one, Starker killed 6 of the 7 pirates responsible, leaving only the captain left. Starker found the captain trying to flee in one of the disabled lifeboats. Starker gained his final revenge by killing the captain.

Starker brought the remaining pirates to the nearest space security patrol station, where he claimed the two-million credit bounty on the pirates’ head. Using this money, Starker set himself up as a freelance bounty hunter. However, that deed also brought him to the attention of the Brotherhood of Space, who now wants Starker dead.







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