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Teens Titans: Then and Now

 Looking back at my Giant Teen Titans Annual, which collects classic Teen Titans adventures (Return of the Teen Titans, Kid Flash: The Boy who Lost Touch with the World, Teen Titans in The Monster Machine, Wonder Woman: Mer-Boy vs. Bird-Boy, and Teen Titans: The Secret Olympic Heroes), I have to say that it must have been an interesting time as a reader back then compared to the present.
 From hip to normal dialogues, its kinda funny and if not for Marv Wolfman's idea for The NEW Teen Titans we would have nothing. My father was a teen when this was out and he was surprised how the times changed in the 60's.
Overall, this issue deals with 60's die-hard bands (which was one major factor in the 60's with The Beatles) and identity theft, where THE FLIPS (the band in this comic) are accused for stealing....which was later done by three professional crooks. It's kinda cool to read the earliest adventures....and THE FLIPS make a modern day appearance in TEEN TITANS: Year One.

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