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A giant, radioactive Will Magnus

After Chemo’s defeat last issue, Dr. Will Magnus returned to the scene, only to find Chemo still functioning. Chemo tries to spray the doc with his chemical blasts, but Doc flees in his saucer and returns to base, only to find he must have been affected by Chemo’s blasts. Like Chemo’s creator Dr. Norton, Magnus is now growing in size and becoming radioactive.

Magnus asks quickly and has Lead encase him, stopping his radioactivity. Deciding that he can’t contaminate others, Magnus asks Col. Caspar to launch his body into space. Magnus is also transforming into metal himself. Army helicopters tow the enlarged and metallic Magnus to a rocket launch, with Platinum tagging along professing her love. The two are encased in the rocket ship, ready to be launched into orbit.

Meanwhile, the Metal Men debate who their new leader should be. The votes are in for Tin, and Tin leads the team against Chemo. Chemo makes short work of the U.S. Army, and enters the city. The Metal Men capture Chemo using their bodies, and bring Chemo to the doc’s rocket. They throw Chemo on the rocket just as it launches. Now Chemo, Platinum, and Dr. Magnus are all stranded in space.

Magnus comes up with a plan to destroy Chemo, and pilots the rocker for reentry. The friction from entering Earth’s atmosphere burns Chemo to nothing, while cosmic radiation transforms Dr. Magnus back to normal. The rocket lands in the ocean, where the Army retrieves Magnus and Platinum.

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