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The Metal Men have become a hit around the world for defeating the prehistoric creature last issue. They are so impressive that a hostile nation has asked one of their scientists, Von Vroon, to create their own Metal Men. Unfortunately, only a few know that the Metal Men dies fighting the creature.

U.S. Army Colonel Henry Caspar pleads with scientist Will Magnus to rebuild the Metal Men. Magnus does, however this new group does not seem to have the personality of the originals. Magnus and Caspar lead them to a ceremony celebrating their victory, but the ceremony is interrupted by a huge metal robot. The robot, the creation of Von Vroon, is a mammoth humanoid, with an energy weapon as its head.

Magnus smelting the new Metal Men

Magnus commands the new Metal Men into action, but they fail miserably: Platinum wraps up the Metal Men instead of the robot, Gold misses the robot and crashes into a fighter plane, and Iron almost destroys Lead. With the ceremony destroyed, Von Vroon’s robot leaves, and Magnus retreats back to the drawing board.

Magnus and Col. Caspar contemplate their next move, as they smelt down the newest Metal Men. Popular opinion has turned against the Metal Men. Magnus theorizes that “intense Aurora Boralis activity” may have been a reason why the original Metal Men were unique. Instead of building a new set of Metal Men, Magnus and the U.S. army retrieve the bodies of Tin, Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, and Platinum. He rebuilds the robots, and when they are activated, they show the same emotions and memories that they once had.

Meanwhile, Von Vroon has set his eyes on the World’s Fair as his next target. The robot attacks, but these times the real Metal Men are ready for it. The Metal Men defeat the “robot”, but reveal Von Vroon in the center of it controlling it. They capture Von Vroon, and are ready for their next mission.


  • "Metal Facts and Fancies"
  • "Magic with Metals"

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