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Millions of years ago, a meteor crashed to Earth and the ice age set in, destroying the dinosaurs. One such dinosaur, a flying black manta the size of a commercial airliner, was put in suspended animation. Now, today, that creature has been freed from its frozen prison. Its eyebeams melt a lighthouse, burns a skyscraper, and freeze a passing fighter jet, alerting the military.

Introducing the Metal Men

In an emergency meeting U.S. Army Colonel Henry Caspar contacts his old friend, scientist Will Magnus, for help against the creature. Casper hopes that Magnus’ technology can stop it. Magnus introduces Casper to his newest creation, “ Tina,” a platinum robot with its own thoughts. With the threat looming, Magnus creates five new “robots:” Gold, Lead, Iron, Mercury, and Tin. Together with Tina, aka Platinum, they become the Metal Men, and prepare to defeat the prehistoric monster.

The Metal Men take Magnus’ flying saucer to intercept the flying creature. A first attempt sends the Metal Men crashing to a building roof. As the creature swings by for another attack, Tin jumps in front of the other Metal Men. The creature’s radioactive beams strike Tin, blasting him to pieces. Lead creates a wall for the others to hide behind, protecting them.

Two more attempts fail, with Gold and Iron giving their lives as well. Their sacrifice, however, cause Magnus to realize that the creature isn’t breathing; that it is getting its energy from another source. Mercury, Platinum, and Lead over the creature with their bodies, causing the creature to be blocked off from its power and crash into the ocean.

Back at Magnus’ laboratory, Will Magnus and Col. Casper mourn the deaths of the robots that sacrificed themselves to save humanity.


  • "From Many Lands..."
  • "The Magic Metal"
  • "Metal Facts and Fancies"

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