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The Secret of the Space Monster

Space monster!

Thaddeus and Rick Starr hear a report of a giant space beast nearby Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. Rick Starr suits up as Space Ranger, and leaves with Myra Mason and Cryll to investigate. While searching the space, the Ranger comes across a meteor storm. Space Ranger is unable to avoid them, but does not collide with them; instead, he discovers they are illusions. Space Ranger sends out as recon “disc”, and finds the illusions coming from an alien radar outpost on Ganymede.

Space Ranger investigates, and finds aliens inhabiting the station. Space Ranger captures one, and Cryll shape-changes into the alien. Then the two head back to the others, with Cryll pretending Space Ranger is his hostage. Using a menta-ray on the commander, they find out the aliens are rebels from the planet Korth, orbiting Procyon. They are here perfecting an illusion weapon to use to overthrow the government of Korth.

Space Ranger heads to Korth to warn the authorities there. When he arrives, though, he is captured. He rebels have an inside person in the Korth government, who arranged for Space Ranger’s capture. Cryll helps Space Ranger escape, and the rebel space fleet arrives and demands Korth surrender. Space Ranger is able to convince the leadership that the space fleet does not exist; it is all a mirage. With the invasion failed, the rebels’ inside man is arrested and Space Ranger returns home successful.

The Riddle of the Lost Race

The Great Sphinx of Space

After the theft of a rare book from the New York Space Museum, Space Ranger goes undercover. He discovers that a gang led by Ragnar-Ell is hunting for something. The Ranger’s lead brings him and secretary Myra Mason to the Valley of Ice on Saturn. They find Ragnar-Ell with a couple of space archaeologists terrorizing the natives. Space Ranger stops then, and Ragnar-Ell flees.

We find out that Ragnar-Ell and the archaeologists are after an ancient space treasure, left by a race that used to inhabit the solar system. The book stolen from the Space Museum led them to a “rosetta stone” engraved in the ice on Saturn. The next clue to the treasure is on Venus, and a race has begun. Both Ragnar-Ell’s gang and Space Ranger reach Venus, but Ragnar-Ell beats Space Ranger to the clue: a jewel.

The next piece is on Pluto, but this time Space Ranger beats Ragnar-Ell there. Space Ranger finds the “Great Sphinx of Space” and beats Ragnar-Ell to the punch. The Ranger takes the jewel from Ragnar-Ell and places the jewel in its socket, opening the sphinx. Space Ranger promises the items inside to the Solar Worlds government for the good of all mankind.


  • “Know Your Pet!”
  • “Doctor Rocket” by Henry Boltinoff
  • “Photo Ace From Outer Space”
  • “Moolah the Mystic” by Henry Boltinoff
  • “On the Planet Og” by Henry Boltinoff

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