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The young Texan woman named Victoria Starr had herself made a specially developed costume and weapons financed by her wealthy father. A natural athlete, skilled fighter, marksman, and equestrian, she uses six-shooters outfitted with seemingly limitless supply of stun pellets,  also her boots have capabilities of jet propulsion of limited degree which enable her to maintain position in her lovers the Texas Twister’s cyclones. Victoria took on the stage name Shooting Star and heading straight for a shot at becoming a true celebrity act.

Mayor Story Arcs

With the Avengers

 Blond ambition!
Victoria and Twister intercepted a shortwave distress call meant for the Avengers, and met with three other superhuman crime-fighters also responding to the call. After handling the menace of the Corruptor, the five champions Shooting Star, Texas Twister, Firebird, Red Wolf, and Phantom Rider decided to band together whenever a menace threatened too large for them to handle individually as the Rangers.  However, partly because the various Rangers were geographically scattered across the American Southwest their gatherings were infrequent.

When the city of New York honored the Hulk for his heroic acts, Shooting Star along with the rest of the Rangers were there to show their support. Shortly afterward, the shooting Star and her fellow Rangers Texas Twister and Phantom Rider were working at a rodeo in Canada when it was attacked by the Frightful Four. The amazing Spider-Man happened to be there to assist the trio in stopping the newly formed group.

West Coast Avengers

 Whirlwind partnership
Sometime later Shooting Star's former teammate Firebird had an encounter with the evil sorcerer Master Pandemonium, she fled for aid from the West Coast Avengers. Strangely enough when her former teammates showed up at the Avengers Compound, Shooting Star tried to convince her to return to regroup as a permanent team in the South. When Shooting Star placed her index finger in the small of Firebirds back she had an instant premonition that Shooting Star was possessed by the devil. Battling the West Coast Avengers, the possessed rangers were beaten by Firebird's blazing "Firebird Effect". It was revealed that a demon had indeed impersonated Shooting Star in hopes of discovering Master Pandemonium's lost soul shard. The Rangers departed and Shooting Star's wear about were not followed up on, even by her lover Texas Twister.

Soon, however, Texas Twister returned to the Avengers Compound at a time when Hawkeye was alone, demanding to see the captive demon. Twister declared his love for the demon, which turned back into Shooting Star. Texas Twister went on to explain that the demon had come to him months ago when Twister's powers seemed to be fading, making him afraid that he'd lose Shooting Star if their rodeo act broke up on account of his lost powers. The demon offered to augment the Twister's powers in exchange for his soul and the Twister agreed, but after his powers were restored, he begged to be spared, so the demon possessed Shooting Star instead, casting a spell that prevented Twister from telling anyone about this. Twister studied the occult until he found a means to expel the demon from Star.

The demon then possessed Twister himself and battled Hawkeye and Shooting Star. Ultimately, Star threatened to kill the demon rather than allow the possession to continue, and the demon reluctantly imprisoned itself in a statue. Texas Twister and Shooting Star were reunited.

Civil War and the Initiative

 Enter the big leagues
In the aftermath of the civil war between heroes, Iron Man started the Fifty States Initiative and the Rangers were regrouped to cover the Texas area. The new team was given government backing and the new addition of Armadillo and mysteriously a heroine going by the name of Shooting Star. It has not been revealed if this is truly Victoria Starr  or someone else who has taken up the mantle of  Shooting Star.

Abilites and Paraphernalia

 This rounds on me
Shooting Star has no known superhuman powers, although in her initial appearance she claimed to have "stellar powers." She is an natural athlete, expert  markswoman and equestrian. Shooting Star wears a pair of specially-designed "star shooters," which look like six-shooters but which actually shoot projectiles made of an unknown material, shaped like five-pointed stars. The stars paralyze living beings they hit, with one star capable of paralyzing a six-foot tall man approximately 30 minutes. She wears boots which contain miniature gyroscopes which keep her oriented correctly as she rides the winds generated by Texas Twister.

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