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Shondra and Bruce first met when Bruce visited her clinic. He consulted her about his anxiety and inability to relax. Later when Bruce broke his back in his fight with Bane, Shondra began to take care of him as his doctor.The two began to develop a romantic relationship. One night, Shondra visited on of her patients Jack Drake,who was also paralyzed. During her session with Drake, a group of armed men kidnapped her and Drake. Bruce meanwhile was heading over to the Darke residence in his wheelchair (the drakes lived next door) when he spotted the armed men. He did his best to stop them but ended up beaten.

Even with a broken spirit Bruce went on to find Shondra. She was held hostage by her brother Benedict Asp in London. It is revealed that Asp and Shondra, whose real name is Sandra Asplin, used to work together with Asp working as an amplifier that can increase her powers. Asp used Shondra's powers to kill a small English village. She was treated with many drugs by Asp and when Bruce arrived he found himself caught between a telekinetic war between Asp and Shondra. The energy released during battle healed Bruce's back and he defeated Asp. However, the intensity of the battle and drugs fed to her by Asp and her mind regressed back to childhood. Bruce then put Shondra in a mental institution. He leaves England alone as Alfred wanted to stay in England.


Shondra was mentioned in Hush by Oracle that she had gotten better. She made a cameo appearance as one of the surgeons working on Bruce's injured body.

Because her mind regressed back to childhood it is likely that she doesn't remember Bruce much or their previous relationship.

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