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Rival Schools: United by Fate

 The Hothead
Hothead, warfreak, quick-tempered - these are some traits that perfectly describes Shoma Sawamura. In fact, because of these traits, he was put into the baseball team of Gorin High School, in order to redirect his anger. Despite this, Shoma still has his friends around him - Natsu from the volleyball team, and Roberto from the soccer team.

Meanwhile, incidents of missing people have been reported around Japan. In Gorin High, members of the football and volleyball team have been abducted. Another attack was reported against the baseball team. This attack injured Shoma's older brother and teammate, Shuuichi. With the desire to avenge his brother, Shoma impulsively decided to go after the culprits of the attack. Natsu and Roberto then followed Shoma. 

Agaisnt Edge 
The trio headed to Gedo High School, where Shoma's temper led him and Roberto into a fight against Edge and Gan of Gedo High. In the heat of their fight, an explosion occurred which ushered the entry of the Taiyo students who were also looking for the culprits. Another fight started, this time between the Gedo and Taiyo students. At the end of the fight, Shoma and the rest of the students had their eye set on Justice High, their final suspects. Again enraged, Shoma decided to rush to Justice High, again with Natsu and Roberto following him. On their way, the three crossed paths Hideo Shimazu and Kyoko Minazuki, teachers from Justice High.

 Against Hideo
Enraged as ever, Shoma led his friends into a fight against the teachers. Using their respective sports skills, Shoma and his friends defeated Kyoko and Hideo and freeing them from their brainwashed states. The two teachers then invited the three inside Justice High. While inside, Shoma and the rest reached the laboratory where the missing people were held captive. Soon after, the Gorin trio was shown to have rescued the abductees and were able to join again the students from other schools.

Powers and Abilities

Shoma Sawamura abilities greatly revolves around his baseball expertise. His fighting style involves baseball skills like bat swings and smashes, ball throwing, and sliding attacks. His weapons include his baseball bat and baseballs.

In Other Media

 Project Justice
Shoma Sawamura appears as a playable character in the following video games:
  • Rival Schools: United by Fate
  • Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2
  • Project Justice

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