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An Army of One

Scientist Robert Gibson was experimenting to see if the human body could be improved through the use of electricity, and he was using himself as his only test subject.  As he was working on his experiment lightning struck his laboratory causing an accidental success beyond his wildest dreams as he found that was not just healthier and stronger but fantastically so, not only that but he had also gained the ability to control magnetism, fly, throw lightning bolts, melt metal by touching it and withstand huge amounts of physical damage.Instead of telling anyone what had happened he decided to fight crime and evil using these new powers.  Called The Human Dynamo he soon became better known as Shock Gibson.


 Original Costume with and without the Helmet

The Original Costume
Shock Gibson changed his costumes several times as he went through World War II.  His first costume covered him comply except for the face and around the head.  He wore a yellow costume with yellow gloves, shoes, belt and helmet.  He belt had a red lighting bolt on it and his helmet had a large dorsal-like fin on it.   After a while he no longer used the helmet

 First Bare Leg Costumes

The Three Bare Legged Costumes
The first bare leg costume was just that.  It was just like his costume with his legs simply exposed.  The only other exception is he started to wear red pirate-style boots.  After this he started to wear a short sleeve costume with a with and blue stripe on the cuff of the sleeve.  He also started to wear a blue mask despite never wearing a mask before.  For a very short time as well he was colored with brown hair instead of blonde hair.  The hair was qickly made blonde again and his mask became yellow

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