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The Shiver Givers are the spooks and monsters who star in Shiver, the spooky half of Shiver and Shake. Led by the Shiver Editor and based out of the Shiver offices, it is their role in life (and unlife) to scare readers, usually, but not always, via the comic strips they produce about themselves. Their membership includes Grimly Feendish (though he is unpopular as he steals from his co-workers), Frankie Stein, the residents of Horrornation Street (Hoodoo Yoodoo, Deadly Headley, Herr Raisin and Tootin Common), Ghouldilocks, and Shiver (formerly Shake) himself.


The Shiver Givers debuted as a group in the fourth issue of Shiver and Shake, though several individual members first appeared earlier in their own strips.

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