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Shiva of Nirvana is one of the supreme gods of Hinduism. He rules the Hindu gods alongside the creator-force Brahma and the preservation-force Vishnu. Together they form the Trimurti. Major decisions are voted upon by the three with the winning vote being their course of action. Of the three he often comes across as the most violent with an eagerness to destroy. He is often referred to as the destroyer-force.

In Marvel:

One thousand years ago, Shiva attended a meeting of the Council of Godheads with the rest of the Trimurti to discuss the coming threat of the Celestials. In modern times, the thunder god Thor requested a donation of energy to revive the fallen Asgardian gods who had died fighting the Celestials. Shiva opposed believing the time of the Asgardians had past. He engaged Thor in battle and even gained the upper hand, but was pleased to see his effort and responsibility as a God when Thor trick fully transported them to the rainbow bridge of Asgard. Thor asked him to give up the necessary energies or be trapped in an endless void. Shiva pleased agreed in the end because Shiva had some respect for Thor because Thor was a mighty powerful and honorable god himself, so Shiva decided to test his passion by seeing how well Thor would battle, and whether Thor would be willing to battle to the point of his death, and then Shiva pleased with the effort put in by Thor would grant him what he wished instead of killing Thor, it would be acceptable...

but vowed, that Thor's battle with him would be fought again for the test to his ascension to the throne of Asgard . Later, Shiva attended a meeting of Godheads to discuss Thor's ascension to the throne of Asgard. Shiva demanded Thor be tested to see if he was worthy to join the Council of Godheads.


Shiva is skilled in the use of many weapons including spears, axes, and nets. He may be able to hypnotize people and gods with his third eye of sight.

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