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Shithead is a horrible creature composed of the fecal matter, his origins are unknown, some say he was born in the sewers, others say that he was the result of a mystic spell or maybe science, however, he is known for being made of the feces of the six hundred and sixty-six evilest people to walk the planet, with the Professor stating that "there's a little Hitler, a touch of Ed Gein, and a half pound of Jeffrey Dahmer" in him. Shithead works as Mr Rictus's right-hand man, and is unwaveringly loyal to him. He is, however (like most of Mr Rictus's gang), cruel and sadistic, shown by his last words to the Professor ("eat shit and die!") and behaviour in general.


Shithead's death

During Mister Rictus' takeover, Shithead killed The Professor after impersonating Fuckwit, and then tried to go after Fox and The Killer. After accusing The Professor of killing The Killer's father, an enraged Fox shot him in the head, angering Shithead and causing him to proclaim that he cannot be killed. The Killer used some bleach to weaken him and flushed him down the toilet, putting an end to his life.


Shithead changes his density to fill up a car
Shithead displays his shape-shifting powers
Shithead shows his powers of regeneration

Shithead is similar to the Batman villain


, and possesses the similar powers of shape-shifting and density manipulation, being able to be as "soft as diarrhoea" or as "hard as constipation", allowing him to resist damage to a certain degree and regenerate his body. However, he shows pain when he is shot (albeit in the head) by Fox, is apparently highly sensitive to bleach

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