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'Ship' was once a sentient star, very similar to Earth's star Sol. She was alone for many eons until intelligent life began to evolve on her surrounding planets. But before she could know them, an alien race destroyed her. The resulting supernova wiped out a fleet of the alien's enemies.

Although she died, her consciousness lived on. She was found by the Master of the Sun. Much later, he would introduce her to Peter Jason Quill, who he gave the power of the Star-Lord. She felt a great connection to Peter and fashioned herself with a body that Peter would relate to - a star ship. Calling herself 'Ship,' she and Star-Lord began their adventures together.

One day, 'Ship' was shot down and Star-Lord was left for dead. In a last attempt to save them both, 'Ship' created a humanoid, female form for herself. She called herself Caryth Halyan and used her medical knowledge to heal Star-Lord. Her humanoid form was killed but she was able to transfer her conscious into Star-Lord's belt and reform.

Ship also has had a relationship with Starlord's father, Jason of Sparta, although the time lines concerning this are not clear.

Powers & Abilities

Ship is a sentient star that mostly takes form as a spaceship, although Ship is able to create the form of a humanoid female. Ship has all the abilities of a starship such as flight, blasters and shields. For a star ship she is extremely fast and maneuverable.

Being alive untold millenia, 'Ship' is extremely intelligent. She also has great medical knowledge.

Ship can also create 'widgets,' which are smaller probes that can be used to gather information or maintain contact with her ally Starlord. Essentially, she can transfer her consciousness into any matter and can never truly die.

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