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Green Lantern

Status: Active

Space Sector: 3399

Sector Partner: Unknown

Homeworld: Unknown

Predecessor: Green Lantern of Sector 3399

Successor: Inapplicable


The lone survivor of a planet ravaged by nuclear war, Shilandra Thane patrols her sector relentlessly, mediating any disputes that might arise and spreading a benevolent message of peace and understanding.

Shilandra Thane was from a planet torn by centuries of war. An emerald visitor came through space to this world and was immediately shot down. No one would go to aid this visitor. Only Shilandra Thane was brave enough to cross through the death zone to where it crashed. Shilandra learned the fallen visitor was a Green Lantern, an emissary of the Guardians of the Universe, sent long ago to extend their reach beyond a vast void, never before crossed, to the worlds on the other side.

The Green Lantern had completed the journey just within the millenial span of its life. Its mission was to locate an individual worthy to serve as a protector of the "new" sector of space. Shilandra Thane had been chosen. Dying of inevitable age, the Green Lantern had much to teach her in a short time. Soon. across the battlefield rose a new emerald light. Shilandra Thane separated the opposing sides, with the message of life. The newest Green Lantern asked the warriors to claim a new destiny, a life among the stars.

Sadly, it was too late for her world. Perhaps she was regarded as an invader from another world, or as a shift in the balance of power from one side to another. Missles had been launched, destroying the entire world. The lone survivor was Shilandra Thane. Still, she had come to see her responsibility as a Green Lantern to be her destiny. She would reach other worlds in time to teach them what she had learned.


Shilandra Thane was created by Doug Moench for an untitled Green Lantern Corp Quarterly story.


Shilandra like many green Lanterns to come out of the Green Lantern Corps Quarterly was giving a rich origin story and then used a background character. It wasn't until Wanted that she made a return to the lime light, but after that she faded back into the background once again.

Major Story Arcs

Green Lantern Corps Quarterly

The origin story of how Shilandra became a green lantern.

Green Lantern :Wanted

After Kyle Rayner restarted the Green Lantern Power Battery and brought back the Guardians he sent a message out to all former Corps members Shilandra was one of the only four to show up on Oa. Reemuz, Voz, and Bynari were the other three. Kyle tried to prove the universe needed a Corps but the former members left before he could prove himself.

It isn't until Raker Qarrigat approaches the group and guilts them into helping that they return to Oa. The group then helps Kyle take down the Black Circle and Amon Sur. Along the way Bynari turns on the group and tries to kill Shilandra but she is able to get the upper hand. She snaps Bynari's neck and pushes her out an airlock.

With the new laws of Oa now implemented, Shilandra has attempted to start a movement within the Green Lantern Corps against lethal force, but has thus far failed. Shilandra has yet to share her thoughts on a life she herself took - that of former Green Lantern Bynari.

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