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Prior to joining the Oniwabanshū, Shikijō was an spy for the Satsuma faction of the Ishin Shishi. In the second year of  1866 Shikijō infiltrated Edo Castle so he could get information about an upcoming battle. There he came face to face with the man who would change his life a13-year old Shinomori Aoshi. Aoshi created scars all over Shikijō's body, and defeated him. 
Aoshi gave Shikijō a chance to join the Oniwabanshū and gain strength using Oniwabanshū training methods and " medicines." Shikijō received no prosperous government job offers in the meji era because he was a traitor.
 After working for opium dealer Kanryu he fought  Sagara Sanosuke at Takeda Kanryū's mansion and was defeated. He is the first to die at Kanryū's hand, protecting Aoshi from the gatling gun.

Physical appearance

Shikijo is an average sized man with massive muscles, his most striking feature is a series of scars all over his body.

Skills and abilities

Shikijō is mainly a hand to hand fighter but he also swings around a large ball and chain.

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