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One of the three Arbiters of the Hand, chosen to resurrect Bullseye in order to test the Kingpin's worth as leader of the ninja clan. Shikaru is a mountain of a man, passive unless a transgression occurs, in which case his wrath is terrible to behold.


Shikaru the Mute was created by Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira in Savage Wolverine #6.

Powers and Abilities

He has shown super strength to the degree that he was able to kick and slam Wolverine into cave walls, causing large craters in the process. Due to his sheer size, he was able to withstand dozens of slashes from Wolverine without sustaining any serious injuries. On top of his strength and ability to soak damage, Shikaru is a skilled combatant, where he wields man-sized ninja hand claws. With his weaponry, skill, and physical prowess, he was able to defeat Wolverine; someone that has fought numerous large and super strong enemies and is a top tier fighter himself.

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