Anyone else notice?

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Has anyone else seen that whenever shikamaru gets into a fight, he always is the only one not brutally injured.

First we have him vs Kin, where he creams her in three seconds flat with only a few acupunture stabbed.

next, he fights temari, and walks away from the fight with a few minor scrapes.

Next we get to the sasuke retrieval arc., where he fights tayuya. though he was losing when temari arrived, everyone else was sent to the emergeny room after the incident, while he came away with no serious injuries.

and then finally, he fights against hidan. He takes on an Akatsuki memebr alone, and the akatsuki member is already stated to be around the same strength as his partner. When the battle between kakuzu, kakashi, yamato, and naruto, naruto hand had been reduced to a bloody mess tha took a long time to heal, and Kakashi had been seriously injured. At the end of shikamaru vs hidan, shikamaru walks away with a few minor scrapes.

how is it that he can be the only one that is never seriously injured?

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Because he's smart and knows how to handle himself without getting his #### rocked. Probably also because his character doesn't allow him to take that much damage. What I mean is, he's all brain and little physical power, so he can't take believably takes as much damage as a more physical fighter.

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I also noticed that when he made Kin bash her head into the cement wall in the Chuunin exams, he was perfectly fine. Yet, when Naruto punched Gaara in the face when Shikamaru had him under control at the hospital shortly after the exam and the Gaara/Lee fight was over, he felt the pain. Weird....

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i noticed this but this is because he is a tactical thinker unlike someone like naruto who is reckless and charges into battle and gets seriously injured. nor is he like kakashi in the way that he isnt a legendary ninja known for his combat skill,so he isnt a prime target that needs to be taken care of right away during a battle.

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he doesnt get many injuries because he barley ever fights and you cant kill a minor character off that easy

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Actually, shaymin, he has been in more fights than Rock Lee and most of the non-main cast. He is one of the few good guys who got major fights in Shippuden. He never gets really injured because Asuma said he can think 10 moves ahead of his opponent. It's hard to hurt someone who always is ahead of you. He is that good.

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