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Shikamaru is a considered a strategic genius, throughout Naruto we have seen Shikamaru grow as a person and as a ninja. Shikamaru inspires people round him and has had a close friendship with Choji Akimichi, The two met when Choji wanted to play a game of catch with Shikamaru and a group of children, the other children mocked Choji for his weight and Choji left. Shortly after Shikamaru left the group telling them he no longer wanted to play with them, Shikamaru lays on a bench next to Choji and tells him how this is his thinking bench and would Choji like to join him looking at the clouds. Shikamaru has always seen Choji strength and been kind to his friend and Choji has shown the same respect and friendship to Shikamaru.

Things did not start well for Shikamaru in the finishing dead last with Choji, Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto. Shikamaru did not enjoy the class room and spent most of his time sleeping in the court yard, The idea of work in anyway put Shikamaru to sleep very fast most often commenting on how much of a drag things where.

Chunin Arc

Team 10

Not much is heard or seen about Shikamaru in the early arcs of Naruto as it focused on Team 7 But it is known that he joins team 10 which is lead by Asuma, it is not until the start of the Chunin exams that we are formally introduced to team 10. During the first exam Shikamaru is able to avoid putting in any effort thanks to Ino using her special ninjutsu to possess Sakura, steal er answer and then possess both Chouji and Shikamaru and write down their testanswer for them. For the second test they are sent into the Forest of Death where they have to combat the other teams to steal scrolls they possess and reach the tower in the center. Sakura's battle with the Sound ninja is spotted by the team and they move in to spectate.

At first Ino was reluctant to come to her friend's aid but after prodding from Shikamaru dives in followed by Shikamaru and Choji. Following their training the three members made their battle formation and attacked, Shikamaru immobilising Dosu Kinuta with his Shadow Possession jutsu. The team quickly loose the upper hand but the battle is interfened in by Neji and Sasuke.

Shikamaru saw the danger as a Cursemark-covered Sasuke confronted the Sound Ninja about Sakura injuries and ordered Ino and Chouji to retreat with him. After they passed the first test team 10 went onto the next round which turned out to be single one-on-one rounds against the other ninja. Shikamaru would have to fight Kin of the sound village, who he had earlier faced during the first exam.

Kin is able to draw blood from Shikamaru using a technique involving bells, strings and senbon but Shikamaru was using her own trick against her. Shikamaru had allowed her to use her attack so he could extend his shadow under the strings and capture her in his Shadow Posession Jutsy, there after he removed a shuriken from his pouch forcing Kin to imitate him. Kin pointed out that if he threw the shuriken he would be attacked in kind. Shikamaru threw the shuriken and then ducked. As he did so Kin followed not realising that her evasive actions and backing up to make full use of her illusiory technique had caused her to be come to stand right in front of the nearest wall. The contact with the wall knocked Kin out winning the match for Shikamaru.

Temari Vs Shikamaru


The final exam was another battle between the winners of the last round, Shikamaru was matched up with Temari of the Sand Villiage. Throughout the battle Shikamaru attempted several ploys to trick Temari into stepping into a shadow, none with success. Temari soon learned that his seeing cowardly behaviour was a plot to wait her out until the sun had dropped low enough to give his shadows a wider range. Shikamaru forces Temari to retreat make to some lengths using his make-shift balloon composed of his jacket to give himself an extra shadow. Then is a shock twist Shikamaru captured Temari, it turned out the whole battle was about manipulating her into position so she would be standing in front of a dug out tunnel that Naruto had made in an earlier battle and caught her with his shadows from behind, when she had been focusing on all of his frontal attacks and distractions.

It looked as if Shikamaru had won the battle when he turned and forfeited the match, Saying that he had used to much chakra to fight anyone after this match if he continued and that he did not like to hurt or hit women. Shikamaru's strategy and willingness to retreat in the when the situation becomes untennable impressed judges and senseis and due to his preformance furing thiis battle would be later be made into a Chunin with blessing of the Third Hokage.

Battle For The Village

During the final battle between Sasuke and Gaara the Sound and Sand Villages decided to make their moves on the Village Hidden in the Leaf. They used a genjutsus to put everyone in the stadium to sleep. Shikamaru was able to dispel the technique, though he pretended to be asleep to avoid taking part in the battle. Sakura noticed Shikamaru pretending to sleep and told him to help in pursuing Sasuke who had chased after a fleeing Gaara. As they chased after Sasuke they where informed by the ninja dog Pakkun whom was leading them to find Sasuke that nine Sound ninja where on their trail. Shikamaru told them to go ahead and follow Sasuke and he would deal with the sound ninja.

Asuma Saves Shikamaru

It was not long before they found him, But Shikamaru had set up traps and this allowed him to capture eight of the ninja that came to attack him, Shikamaru was able to acertain the one remaining enemies position by attempting to kill the ones he captured. After the defense of his allies gave away his position Shikamaru found he had spent to much energy in the fight with Temari to capture him. As the jutsu wore off leaving all nine enemies free to attack him, Shikamaru resigned to death but was saved by the rapid intervention of his teavher Asuma was went on to defeat all nine in the blink of an eye.

Save Sasuke

Saskue Leaves

Due to his show of skill and awareness during the exams, Shikamaru was made a Chunin by the Fifth Hokage. As he knew Team Seven and who they would be trying to save Shikamaru was order on his first assignment of leading and building a team to retrieve Sasuke and joining Orochimaru. Shikamaru set about building his team, he was only allowed to use Genin due to the attack on Konoha, Shikamaru first enlisted Naruto and Choji and then Later Neji and Kiba. As they set out Shikamaura had already planned an attack placing Neji at the front knowing his abilities would pick up any traps laid for them and followed by Choji, Naruto, himself and then Kiba at the back making the perfect plan for attack and defense.

But as they moved they where trapped by Jirobo one of Orochimaru’s four men who had taken Sasuke , Sitting down and watching Naruto and Neji striking at the rock formation they where now trapped in Shikamaru formulated a plan of escape, as Naruto struck at one point the others would strike at the weak point that would be on the other side of the trap. When they escaped Choji decied to stay behind and face Jirobo on his own knowing the others would be escaping. Shikamaru told Choji that he better catch up and left with his now only three team mates as they went Shikamaru marked their path so that Choji could follow. As they met each new threat the team broke down one by one to face Orochimaru’s men one on one allowing the team to catch up to Sasuke.

Shikamaru told Naruto to go ahead and as he was one of the only people that could get to Sasuke and stop him. This left Shikamaru to face Tayuya a female ninja who used a flute to make genjitsu and confuse her enemies, as the battle progressed and Shikamaru began to get the up hand, Tayuya summoned three demons to her side, the demons where controlled by her flute and Shikamaru allowed them to attack him to start with, this was a ploy to allow Shikamaru to pick up on what notes created what movements and then he took control of the three with his Shadows control and turned them back on their master who was forced to set them send them from where they came.

Her only weapon was her flute and she began casting genjutsu and Shikamaru found himself having to come up with a new plan of attack, Throwing a kunai he missed and then fell under the Genjutsu. Thinking she had won she removed the Kunai that was now stuck in the tree behind her and began to move to slit his throat when she got close enough Shikamaru lanched his attack. He had been pretending to be caught under genjutsu so that she would move into range for his attack. He broke his own finger with his shadow possession to break out.

She had no choice but to use her cursed seal to break free of the attack Shikamaru could feel his chakra fading and knew the battle would be over. Just as he gave up hope a blast of wind broke the air and there stood Temari of the . As she landed in front of him Shikamaru gave a tactical update and with this information she made quick work of Tayuya.


The two of them made their way back to Konoha and discovered that Sasuke had escaped and everyone on the team was greatly injured. Questing everything he had done Shikamaru went to leave Konoha but was met by his father who called him a coward, He said that if he was not there to lead them then some other ninja would have to and he would always question if one of them died could he have stopped it if he was leading. As news arrived telling them that everyone was going to be okay Shikamaru broke down in tears and swore he would do better next time. After he had the news he said good bye to the people of the sand village who had come to help and mentioned how annoying women where when he turned his back to Temari.

Two years later we meet Shikamaru when Naruto runs into him and Temari. Naruto is shocked to find them with each other and ask’s if they where a couple, The two of them deny it and said that they where working on a plan for their students in the next Chunin exams. Naruto goes to find Sasuke and Shikamaru is unable to aid him due to his responsibilites in training the new students. Later a new Ninja appears and Naruto along with Shikamaru and Choji join in trying to question the stranger, he quickly makes his escape and it is later discovered that the Ninja was Sai the newest member of Team 7.

Growing Up

Is There A Connection!

Two years later we meet Shikamaru when Naruto runs into him and Temari. Naruto is shocked to find them with each other and ask’s if they where a couple, The two of them deny it and said that they where working on a plan for their students in the next Chunin exams. Naruto goes to find Sasuke and Shikamaru is unable to aid him due to his responsibilites in training the new students. Later a new Ninja appears and Naruto along with Shikamaru and Choji join in trying to question the stranger, he quickly makes his escape and it is later discovered that the Ninja was Sai the newest member of Team 7.

Attack Of The Undead

Team 10 all grown up

During the Fire Temple arc Shikamaru was kept back at Konoha using his strategic mind in the defense around Kohona. The town was attacked by Furido and a team of rouge Ninja who each held great powers, During the attack all the dead during the Sand and Sound Invasion and including the dead of the towns Furido had attacked all came to life and attacked the village. Shikamaru was ordered to lead the counter attack and using everyone’s combined strengths was able to push the enemy line back as the other groups delt with the four ninja’s, Later Shikamaru was able to bind the three tales beast back using his Shadow Imitation and bind it back within Sora one of the fire temples young students who had become a friend of Naruto’s the two would later do battle and it would only be Naruto that was able to bring him back from the madness.

Death Of Asuma

Immortal Hidan

All this time Asuma had been working as a member of Niju Shotai, A team of ninja made by the hokage to track down and kill members of the Akatsuki. The team conisted of four poeple Shikamarua who was Asuma student, Izumo Kamizuki a well trained Junin and finally Kotetsu Hagane another of Khonana top Ninja's. During one of their mission they had managed to track two of the Akatsuki members named, Hidan and Kakuzu who where dropping off a bounty they had taken from the fire temple (one of the dead priest’s) as Hidan waited outside for his partner to do his business with the bounty collectors Nijy Shotai came across him. Shikamaru used his Shadow Technique to capture and restrain Hidan and the rest of the team set about finishing him off, It turns out that Hidan is actually an immortal and their attacks had done nothing to harm him, But he was still trapped within the Shadow technique, Then Kakuzu appeared and lunched an attack that broke off Shikamaru trap. As the battle raged on Asmua found himself facing Hidan and soon had the upper hand until Hidan cut Asuma along the arm and used his blood to start a ritual, as the ritual took place all the damage done to Hidan was now being done to Asuma, as Hidan was immortal the damage had no effect on him and it looked as if Asuma was done for when Hidan went to stab himself in the stomach and thus killing Asuma until Shikamaru trapped him again and made him walk out of his ritual cricule breaking the hold he had on Asuma.

Asuma powered his blades with wind and charged the immortal praying that cutting of his head would finally kill him, Asuma succedded in the blow and as Hidan's head landed on the floor he began to laugh, even this had not killed him. Kakuzu once again jumped in and broke of the battle, reattaching Hidan'shead with some of his own sewing thread and joined the fight facing Izumo and Kotetsu, this allowed Hidan to step back into the ritual circle, Shikamaru rushed to help his master but his charka was to depleted and while he was running Hidan made the final blow impaling himself and killing Asuma. Just then Choji and Ino arrived into battle and Kakuzu and Hidan made their escape leaving the death of Asuma in their wake. As Asuma died he told Shikamaru that one day he may be Hokage and that some times a knight must be sacrficed to protect the king. Shikamaru took Asuma's last cigarette and began to smoke it flicking the lighter cap back and forth and said it was the smoke that had brought tears to his eyes.

Death Of Asuma

The whole village could where mourning the fact of Asuma's death and all but one attended his funeral, Shikarmaru was busy coming up with a plan for revenge, when he was finished with his plans and had collected what he needed, he met up with Choji and Ino from team 10, they all had a strong connection to Asuma and wished to help their old team mate. But before they could leave the Hokage(Tsuande) appeared and said that they where not ready, this type of mission would need a four man group and then from nowhere Kakashi appeared and offered his help. Shikamaru changed his plan so that he could use Kakashi. It did not take long for them to find Hidan and Kakuzu again. So his plan started using the two knives that Asuma had used he pinned the shadows of the Akatsuki members, then he went on to use his Shadow Technique once again to give him complete control over the two of them, but before he could finish Kakuzu escaped. But Shikamaru had compelte control of Hidan and now attacked Kakuzu with his own team mate, but it was all a ploy to corner the faster moving Kakuzu and allow Kakashi to sneak up behind him and attack him with Chordi. They thought they had won but infact Kakashi had only destoryed on of Kakuzu hearts. Kakashi and Team 10 where forced to come up with a new plan of attack. Now that they where the one's on the defense, they had to split them up once again catching Hidan Shikamaru lead him away from Kakuzu as Kakashi ,Ino, and Choji faced off against Kakuzu.

Leading him into the near by forest where Shikamaru had set up exploding scrolls preventing the Hidan from escaping. As they reached their destination Shikamaru's chakra ran out and Hidan went on the attack quickly cutting Shikamaru and starting his ritual, now seeing how smart Shikamaru was took no chances and stabbed himself in the heart, Shikamaru feel to the ground clutching his chest. But this once again was a trick, when Kakashi had struck Kakuzu with Chordi he had taken a small amount of blood as ordered and given it to Shikamaru as part of his plan, Knowing that his Shadow Technique was going to fail, Shikamaru had kept the blood and as Hidan went to strike threw the blood onto his weapon and then cut himself, So Hidan had actually stabbed Kakuzu in the heart and not Shikamaru, Hidan still had no idea that this had happened and as he came in close Shikamaru sprang into action and tried to chop of Hidan's head with one cut, but it was not deep enough. Having no choice but to use his shadow technique again. But this time it was much weaker and Hidan forced himself to attack Shikamaru who pulled out his trump card his end game technique that used all the exploding scrolls he had placed around to tied Hidan above the ground. Now with Hidan capture Shikamaru went to the floor below Hidan and activated a seal he had placed upon the ground before the battle and the ground beneath Hidan dissappeared to reveal a pit. Shikamaru had planned this all along, this was to be the outcome no matter what had happened each move and step had lead to this moment. Shikamaru then told Hidan about the forest they where in it belonged to the Nara clan and only his clan where allowed to enter and leave it was protected not just by his clan but the actually forest itself, no one would retrive his remains this would be his final resting place. Placing one of Asuma's cigarettes in his mouth he let it with Asuma's lighter and then threw it making all the scrolls exploded at once and Hidan's body parts fell into the hole. Hidan's head lay at the top swearing revenge and Shikamaru caused a cave in and walked away.

Once back with the team he found Naruto was with them and he had delivered that last blow that killed Kakuzu, now with this behind them they returned to the village. Where Shikamaru finally visited Asuma's grave leaving the lighter with his old master as a final goodbye.

Pein Attacks


After the death of Jiraiya Naruto's master Shikamaru was ordered to help dechpier his last message to them, Unable to break it he went to help Naruto get over the loss of his master explaing that one day the two of them will have students and they would do everything in their power to protect their young aids, moving on Naruto helped Shikamaru break the code which read as "The Real One Is Not There". Now it was up to Shikamaru to figure out what Jiraiya had meant by this crypitc message. But before he could find the answer Konoha was attacked by Pein. Choji himself and Kakashi where amoung the first to enter the battle.

They where soon defeated and Kakashi was killed. Shikamaru and his father came across Ino and her father and tried to work out what Pein's powers where. They figured out Pein's real body mut be near by so Inoichi, Shikaku and Ino wnet on to find him, Shikamaru had a broken leg and could not help even when Naruto was fighting Pein one on one, Shikamaru wanted to help but was told he would just get in the way. In the end Naruto won and Shikamaru was among the people wo welcomed the hero home.

Seeking Permission

What will become of his friends

After the battle Sasuke is declared a enemy of Konoha by Danzo who is now the new hokage. After meeting with the rest of the teams Shikamaru hunts for team seven unawre that Naruto has already left to talk to the leader of Kumogkure. So he finds Sakura and ask if she will give him permission to hunt down Sasuke and that he wishes to speak to Naruto about it. Sakura tells him that she will go instead to tell Naruto and she heads of to the land of iron. They finally catch up with Naruto where Sakura swears her undying love for him and tells him he no longer needs to keep his promise to her, Naruto had discovered the turth about Saskue and himself from Tobi before the rest arrived and go's to tell them only to be stopped by Kakashi who will soon become the Hokage. When Naruto calls Sakura a liar and that he could never be friends with someone like that the atmosphere changes and Sakura leaves with the rest to track down and kill Saskue before Naruto has the chance to find him.

Shikamaru joins the team from Kahona who go hunting for Naruto, when they find him, Shikamaru watches as Sakura tells Naruto that she loves him. Naruto confronts her and says he could never be a friend to someone who lies to themselves. Sakura leaves with the rest of them and continues their hunt for Saskue. When they finally get his sent, Sasukra catches them off guard and drops a sleeping bomb, which knocks them all out. Later Kakashi finds them all and moves them to saftey off the raod before continuing ahead to stop Saukra from killing Sasuke


Shikamaru has an IQ of over 200,beyond that of a genius. Asuma has never beat him in shogi. During his fight with a sand ninja, he realise that it was impossible to defeat her although he had thought of over 100 of strategies. Shikamaru is a good planner and is able to devise brilliant strategies to defeat his enemies.


Everything Is Such Effort

Shikamaru is calm and collected and lazy at times. Shikamuru is very easy-going and can really get on Naruto's nerves. In the chunun exam in the last part he won against Temari. He Quited. Naruto was so ferious because he did not understand. Shikamaru says hw was yo tired and he does not have a lot of chalkra left. But, thier is times when Shikamaru isn't lazy when they went to rescue Sasuke. Shikamaru says:

"I know I seem lazy at times, but not today because now im responsible for all your lives. I really did not like Sasuke but, he is part of our village and I have to protect him thats our leaf way"

Everyone is surprised of how he was not being lazy. Shikamaru can be annoying and lazy but his a great leader. For that he became a chunin, before shipudden. Shikamaru is nice sometimes too, he's great to he's beat friend Choji they been best friends for years. Shikamaru is a great ninja.



"Shadow Imitation" where he extends his shadow to connect to his opponent's shadow. By doing this, he can force their bodies to mirror his movements. "Shadow Neck Bind" where after using his Shadow Imitation, he can cause a hand-shaped shadow to reach up the opponent's body and choke them to death. The nearer the user is to his opponent,the stronger the grip .However, those with great strength like tayuya is able to resist and force the shadow hand off. "Shadow Sewing" where he extends tendrils from his shadow that can bind or stab his opponents. He can also use these to snare items and throw them at his opponents.

He'd gain Asuma's special trench-knives which take on their user's attributes, allowing him to immobilize his opponents by stabbing their shadows.

There are limits to his techniques, however. The range is limited and lasts only 5 minutes, and those with enough chakra or enough strength can resist it. He also cannot use his techniques if it's too dark because he requires shadows.

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