Unscripted Review: S.H.I.E.L.D. #2

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#1 Posted by IIayK (534 posts) - - Show Bio


#2 Posted by Gylan Thomas (2754 posts) - - Show Bio

Really like the look of this :D

#3 Posted by lostlantern13 (1033 posts) - - Show Bio

I think that's the thing I am interested in...how does Da Vinci go from this to Fury S.H.I.E.L.D....I'm not hung up on it, but I know the solicits have said things along the lines of "before Nick Fury."  It's purely a guess on my part, but the ending may have something to do with a change in S.H.I.E.LD.  Purely a guess though cause I've no idea what's coming.
I love that it's a bit heady....the fact that it's Marvel and heady has me a bit surprised, but in a good way.
The art, while steam punk influenced, is fantastic. If that's why the series is bi-monthly then I'll wait cause the book is gorgeous. I literally just stop and stare at the detail.

#4 Posted by SlightConfuse (109 posts) - - Show Bio

i enjoyed the issue i just wonder where hickman is taking to book, there is no clear direction

#5 Posted by sora_thekey (8637 posts) - - Show Bio

For some reason I am thinking that the huge underground city will end up being destroyed by that guy with all the stars (forgot his name)...
Also the ties to the Marvel U so far has been Stark and Richards... I am actually waiting for there to be a Parker involved!

#6 Edited by Icon (2234 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm in love with this series so far. I'll have my review of issue #2 up as well as soon as I can.  
Also, don't worry you guys if not everything is revealed yet. This is only #2 after all. lol 
I'm sure Hickman has a plan, and so far the set-up is very intriguing. 

#7 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (10361 posts) - - Show Bio

I think I might just pick this up now.

#8 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3612 posts) - - Show Bio

Seeing how often Leonardo da Vinci is used in games(Assassin's Creed 2), comics, books, and other forms of media. Sort of makes you wonder what the man himself would think about it. Everyone wants to make him part of their secret organizations. The same for Ben Franklin.
I read The Da Vinci Code. The small chapters were annoying and made everything feel disjointed. It was as if every time someone walked though a door a chapter changed to a completely different scene. There was so much back and forth. I didn't know if I was reading a book or watching a tennis match.
I am far from a Nostradamus believer. I think it's questionable how much he actually "predicted", and how much people just interpret as predictions after the fact.

Alright, G-Man once again blows me away with his comic book history knowledge.

#9 Posted by gordocomics (126 posts) - - Show Bio

i need this book

#10 Posted by longbowhunter (8480 posts) - - Show Bio

I've heard good things about this book. I'll probably wait to pick it up in trade.
#11 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2476 posts) - - Show Bio

I have it on hold at my local comic store.  I was afraid it was going to become on of those comics they forget about finishing or don't finish till years later when they release issues 1 and 2 or something.

#12 Posted by brewski420 (448 posts) - - Show Bio

this issue, as well as the first issue, is amazing. great story and fantastic art.
#13 Posted by cmaprice (847 posts) - - Show Bio

Why is it absurd that a Frenchman "speaks" English in this comic, when da Vinci was Italian? 

#14 Posted by Baddamdog (2822 posts) - - Show Bio

Hey so did Leonardo Da Vinci create the first S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier??

#15 Posted by Amircat (54 posts) - - Show Bio

I love everything about this issue and the one that preceded it.  I've heard it's going to be a 60 issue arc, which means we will not know a lot of things for a while, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the crazy ride.
 The writing has been cryptic, but it's still great. I know Leonid has not been talked about yet, but I knid of get the feeling that we're supposed to see the world through his eyes and even he doesn't know what's going on, which I like. The art ... awesome ... where has weaver been?

#16 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

I really love this book. I feel like its going to build up to something great (fingers crossed).
Cant wait for all these questions to be answered (if they ever will be).
I really hope Jonathan Hickman doesnt pull a LOST.

#17 Posted by G-Man (38923 posts) - - Show Bio
@cmaprice: Dude, relax. Who said it was "absurd"? Why so much overreacting? da Vinci is shown traveling through time, he could've learned English. I just asked if a dude from the 1500s also was fluent in English. I don't get why my question was the only thing you felt was worth commenting on.
#18 Posted by Storm Rider (174 posts) - - Show Bio

I gave issue number one a 5 star rating, and I thought this one was easily in the 4-4.5 range. I'm glad they've got it on a bi-monthly schedule to give the creators plenty of time to keep the quality high and not rush it. I noticed that a third printing of the first issue comes out next week, so now's the time to jump on board for anyone who hasn't already given this title a look.

#19 Posted by The Sadhu (860 posts) - - Show Bio

I like where this comic is going... 
I asked the same questions... how smart is Di Vinci? Is he smarter than some of Marvel's big brains? 
Be nice to see if other historical figures show up... SHIELD Agent George Washington? Just an idea...
#20 Edited by cmaprice (847 posts) - - Show Bio
@G-Man said:

" @cmaprice: Dude, relax. Who said it was "absurd"? Why so much overreacting? da Vinci is shown traveling through time, he could've learned English. I just asked if a dude from the 1500s also was fluent in English. I don't get why my question was the only thing you felt was worth commenting on. "

I really don't see an overreaction in me asking the question in direct response to yours. I am relaxed, believe me. ;) If I'd had a bunch of exclamation marks and accusatory language, or insults I could see why you'd have had a negative reaction to my post. It was a straightforward question meant to address an issue you had with the book.
About 20 seconds of the video is devoted to the concept Nostradamus speaking English here, to which you're laughing, as if it's any sillier to just accept the simplification of not having to translate French on the page than for da Vinci to travel through time and float above Renaissance Rome, also speaking English. If there wasn't any sincerity in asking the question, then you were logically pointing it out to be an absurdity, and if there was a sincere inquiry, my reply was an attempt at the Socratic method so you might find a suitable answer. There was no overreaction on my end, no heated emotions, no disrespect, G-man.
If you use the time travel to write off da Vinci's English, you can just as easily use clairvoyance to explain Nostradamus' (or better yet, it's the publisher simplifying things for North American readers in both cases) Heh. ;)
Not having read the issue yet, there wasn't much else to comment on here. This just stuck out as if it were problematic for you, beyond just being a funny observation. Figured it was worth addressing. Apparently not, though.
#21 Posted by Adam Michaels (483 posts) - - Show Bio

@Amircat said:

"I love everything about this issue and the one that preceded it.  I've heard it's going to be a 60 issue arc, "

I was going to ask if this is an ongoing series or a mini-series. Or maybe a maxi-series. If it's indeed planned to go up to 60 issues, then it wil be around for the next 5 years. It would be interesting to see if they can keep this book as intriguing as they have so far.  
The first two issues do raise some questions. And definitely some curiosities as to where they will take this and how does it link to S.H.I.E.L.D. as we've known it all these decades. And that is exactly what you want out of anything episodic: the curiosity to know what happens next.   
Personally, my biggest question now is what is Howard Stark doing here? How does his participation with The Shield coincide with his time as founder of Stark Industries?
I think Hickman's a great writer. A lot of fans are back into the Fantastic Four thanks to him (and Eaglesham). The Secret Warriors series is popular among fans and he's done a great job with that series since he took over. At the moment, any title that has the name Jonathan Hickman on it has my attention. 


#22 Posted by mewarmo990 (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow. Leonardo da Vinci is officially a Marvel superhero. I'm not sure whether to applaud Marvel's creative foray into steampunk, or just give in to the very strong temptation to facepalm.

#23 Edited by Freddy.Mercurial (152 posts) - - Show Bio

this has the potential to be the best Marvel story in a LONG, LONG time...  can't wait for the trade!
it's funny how we don't see Nick Fury in issue #2 & everyone's panicking about how this story is directionless, yada yada yada... 
Quit hatin'!  :)

#24 Posted by Freddy.Mercurial (152 posts) - - Show Bio
@cmaprice:  dood, your comment was totally appropriate & didn't come across as confrontational of disrespectful in the least...  I thunk the very same thing when I saw that part of the video...  u not only saved me the time it would've taken to type out a similar, albeit acerbic response; but u saved G-man from having to erupt after reading my much snarkier version!  :)  
i mean seriously:  In THIS world, would language have been an issue for the likes of Nostradamus???  Even if it was, i didn't know comic book writer's went around writing in different languages whenever the situation called for it...  
I don't know about u, but I was going to comment on it because I thought it may have affected the rating for what may be an amazing comic book experience... If so, that's not renaissance...  that's not renaissance at all...  ;)
#25 Edited by Blackestnight (683 posts) - - Show Bio

Nick's Shield been out since civil war, and Tony's take over was ruined by Osborn who replaced it with Hammer (many of whom died in Asgard or by the Hand as well) that is why shield is so much smaller.

#26 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8306 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved it as much as the first one. Great story, great art one of my favorite Marvel books out there at the moment, That bi-monthly gap is made worth it.

#27 Posted by simonchan (107 posts) - - Show Bio
"we are the sword, they are the sheild, that has been that way " (secret warriors quote- possible tie in to sheild?) dun Dun DUNNNNNN!
#28 Posted by simonchan (107 posts) - - Show Bio

 @G-Man I originally thought that also. However, Hickman is writing this. If you look at Bendis, he connects / references all his titles. Trust that he has an overarching plan (plus secret warriors is an awesome sheild book). Also, think of Grant Morrison's titles, (all star superman and dc 1 million). they all start off a little essentric but end up pretty freakin awesome connecting all points. : )

#29 Posted by kaanonm (40 posts) - - Show Bio
@simonchan: Yeah, this reminds me of All-Star superman, because I have no idea what the hells going on, but I still wanna read it.
#30 Posted by dvorak (188 posts) - - Show Bio

Pulled that sarcasm off so good you had to return to it to clarify. Perfect.

#31 Posted by Quest (111 posts) - - Show Bio

I love this series!

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