Nick Fury's S.H.I.E.L.D. Family Conspiracy?

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Don't call me paranoid... This is Nick Fury I'm talking about!

So here's the deal... Nick Fury is a VERY secretive man. His most trusted confidants are usually a mystery to everyone else. It's no big secret that his primary confidant as of late has been the recently-appointed Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Daisy "Quake" Johnson. Only there's something curious brought up by her name... Recently, the name "Johnson" has come up related to Nick Fury, only this time in the flesh. I now draw your attention to the recently revealed son of our subject, Nick Fury Jr... or as he was know prior, Marcus Johnson. Um... WHAT?!? Could it be...? I mean... Is it possible...? Is Nick Fury Sr. keeping S.H.I.E.L.D."all in the family" somehow? Is it possible that Nick Fury Sr's real last name isn't Fury at all, but has actually been Johnson this whole time? Is it possible that the reason Nick Fury trusted Daisy Johnson so much is that she is really his own daughter and the story we know of her past is just a cover-up?!? Maybe Calvin "Mister Hyde" Zabo (her alleged father) and his altered genetics aren't the source of her powers, but instead it was the Infinity Formula in Nick Fury Sr's blood. Coincidence? Madness? Possibility? You decide!

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I don't doubt it. (+)

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I could see Quake being his secret daughter. I really like Quake and hope she starts showing up a lot in something. Maybe in Indestructible Hulk because Maria Hill is in that a lot, and they act all cute and adorable together :3

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@Teerack: She's in the upcoming Secret Avengers series alongside Nick Fury Jr, Agent Coulson, Maria Hill, Mockingbird, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, a new Iron Patriot, and occasional assistance from Winter Soldier.

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@PrimeDirective: You know how that book works though right? They will be using random avengers to do missions and they wont even tell them what they are doing, and once they are done they memory wipe them. So it's not like a team and it's not going to keep being the same people with maybe the exception of Maria Hill and Nick Fury Jr.

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@Teerack: Daisy Johnson is the current Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. I highly doubt they're gonna wipe her memories.

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@PrimeDirective: When did this happen? Maria Hill is the director isn't she? Quake is just an agent with a level 10 security clearance. Although I think that is a higher clearance then Hill, because I'm pretty sure just Nick Fury and Black Widow were the only ones to ever make it to level 10. Yeah so i guess it would make sense for Quake to not get her memory wiped, but Maria Hill is still director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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@Teerack: Maria Hill is Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. meaning that she's the number two in-charge. Daisy Johnson was appointed Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. in "Battle Scars" making her top dog. We don't see a lot of her, but we see a ton of Maria Hill because she was also assigned as the primary liason to the Avengers.

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@PrimeDirective: That did not happen. Quake wasn't even in Battle Scars. I just flipped through the whole series twice.

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@Teerack: Really, because I'm pretty sure it happened in Battle Scars #6 when Nick Fury Sr. stepped down into retirement and Nick Fury Jr. joined as an agent. Right at the end, Fury Jr. and Coulson are addressing Director Johnson... Daisy Johnson. Yup. Read it again. That ain't Maria Hill.

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@Teerack said:

@PrimeDirective: No...That never happened.

  • Quake is not even in Battle Scars.
  • Nick Fury Sr. retiring has nothing to do with who the director of shield is because Nick Fury hasn't been the director of shield for so long I'm pretty sure it's been over a decade.
  • Maria Hill was re-made the Director of Shield after Osborn was arrested, and is still currently the Director of shield.

You've probably been getting them mixed up or something because Maria Hill and Quake look so much a like. Who ever put Quake on that Wiki page must have made the same mistake.

In AvX Consequences, In Indestructible Hulk, the final arch of New Avengers, and the final arch of Avengers they label her as "director of shield" And Quake even interacts with Maria Hill in the final arch of Avengers, and from their dialog it's very clear Maria Hill is the director of Shield.

Actually I made a mistake. After looking at the art and seeing her gloves I do this it was Quake in Battle Scars, but regrardless their role isn't significant and no talk about anyone becoming director of shield is discussed.

I think it's likely that Quake is a deputy director and Maria is the over all director.

Here we see Maria call Quake Director.
Here we can see that Maria is still in charge though. Also the scene before this one in the previous issue Quake says they need to contact Maria Hill which is more evidence that Maria is in charge.
Here in AvX we see the Leader of Sheild(Maria Hill), Leader of Sword(Brand) the leader of the X-men(Logan) and the leader of the Avengers(Cap) talk about what to do next. Quake is there, but she only observes and doesn't talk, so clearly she is important, but no the acting director.
This was very recent and it clears says her rank.
And then this also happened very recently.
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@PrimeDirective: This was in Secret Avengers 1

idk what the point is for Maria's rank, and I also don't know what an 18 year old girl would be made a higher rank than Hill.

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@Teerack: /bow And at least you're a good enough sport to admit you were wrong. Quake is Director because Nick Fury, Sr. made her Director. She also has higher security clearance than Maria Hill. Also, keep in mind that Maria Hill isn't in Nick Fury's inner circle. Nick wanted SHIELD in the hands of someone he knew he could trust. Daisy Johnson is Nick's right hand and has been for years. Maria Hill is Acting Director when Daisy Johnson is in the field on assignment (like with the Avengers) just like Dugan was usually Acting Director when Fury was in the field. When Daisy Johnson gets back from her assignment Maria Hill's title will return to Deputy Director. It's kind of like when the Captain of a ship goes ashore and gives temporary command of the helm to his Executive Officer. The XO is Acting Captain until the Captain's return.

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