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Sir Isaac Newton’s secret plan reveals itself and the world shudders. Frankly, Da Vinci, Tesla, Nathanial Richards and Howard Stark don’t stand a chance. Especially with the newborn Celestial Baby (who is not such a baby anymore) goes to destroy the Immortal City.

1960: The Immortal City. Seeing that a building is about to fall on them, Leonid makes a forcefield to protect himself, Tesla, Mina (the white lady) and Michelangelo. The rampaging Celestial proceeds to zap and destroy everything around it, and throws part of a building at the floating ‘Human Machine.’ Leonardo rallies some men to blast the Celestial but it emerges unscathed. Mina in her dove-form and Tesla attack and manage to bring it down. Looking around, the heroes recover Nostradamus from under some rubble, only to see the Celestial get up again and blast directly at them. Leonid shields them, while Stark and Richards operate a large weapon that shoots the Celestial in the chest, sadly to no effect. Michelangelo intervenes and communicates with the Celestial in Newton’s ‘Quiet Math’ language, at which the Celestial thinks to itself and then teleports into the future causing more buildings to collapse. Later, the assembled heroes gather around the Human Machine, ready to follow after Newton and the Celestial.

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If ever there was an issue for Dustin Weaver and Sonia Oback to shine, this is it. SHIELD #3 is something no Hickman book I've ever read has been: quiet.Immediately following the discovery of Newton's Quiet Math (a nice touch, since there is almost no dialogue in this book until the last three pages), the Star Child goes berserk. Something about Newton's math makes no sense or enrages him so much that he decides to destroy the Forever City. Everything looks dire until Michealangelo, who exists i...

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